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In order to clear up confusion around this subject and to start their own evil organization, Kaos Dragon and Heyus2 have founded the Kabal.

As it has just been founded it is lacking fellow evil members and is recruiting so please apply. We have snacks.

Members of the Kabal

  • Kaos Dragon - Founder of the Kabal and evil genius.
  • Heyus2 - Founder of the Kabal and renowned seal clubber. Known to have set off a lava bomb in the 'King's castle.
  • Flt has finally heard about the Kabal and decided to become its first member. They have snacks!


If you consider yourself evil and would like to join the evil schemes and receive snacks, list your name below along with a few evil deeds you have committed in cities. NOTE: Exploits/bugs are not considered evil and the Cabal does not approve of their use.

Jon was busted red handed by none other than the 'King trying an exploit in the castle. While this behavior is clearly stated to not be evil, it DID result in the Pirate Hat nerfing of '06. That's gotta be one of the most dastardly things ever done. He's also eaten about 300 cucumber sandwiches, thus depriving 60 would be Dukes from being promoted. He killed the first Kraken in the game, thus ensuring these beasts would never join with humankind in a peaceful dance on the beaches. And finally, he knows how to get into Ignatz's Pool but won't tell anyone. Oh, and also he brought BEvERages just in case he's accepted. If that's not enough to get into the Kabal, then maybe there really is no Cabal.

Meteu once found a shop that was inexplicably buying GP for 3GP each, and "sold" his entire gold supply, thus tripling his worth. He used a price discrepancy between two shops near Hard Knocks to transfer the entire inventory of Triffid Stings from one shop to another, earning many thousands of GP in the process. He has summoned farmers from their land in order to harvest their crops on several occasions. Finally, he committed probably THE most egregious offense in Cities history, with apologies to Jon's Pirate-hat escapade: he wheedled the fourth and final coded message from its holder last spring and held it for over 6 months before auctioning it to the highest bidder, thus depriving all citizens of the SE tunnels quest pending his own lofty pay-day.

Azuaron has decided that the Kabal is very slow to act, and will continue his dastardly deeds by himself. (And he's taking the snacks, too!)

Stien Currently holds the record for most hats destroyed, being the bane of every party during winter. Every hat that could have been destroyed was destroyed. There for is very evil or mean or greedy?

Amishrobots Shouted in the Library... Like 6 times. seriously.

JAD doesn't look both ways before crossing the desert. He also routinely gets in the "10 items of less" lane at Jon's Shop when he *clearly* has 11 or more items. He once threw a drogna down the bottomless pit just to see hear if it was truly bottomless. He occasionally plays the digideroo when Sertularian is trying to sleep. Sometimes he forgets to put the apostrophe in front of the word "king."

On the other hand, JAD has never named a dung beetle after a great lord, summoned the market bots to the wrong markets, replaced a useful square with a tauntaun corpse, given 20 triffid stings and 10 antidotes to new players and told them it was food, made out with janeeveryone, summoned the 'king to the forest to steal from him, or finished off a half-dead monster and replaced it with a seemingly identical convincing illusion.
On a third hand, JAD doesn't even know if he wants to join the kabal. He just heard that they have snacks (and applying was a great way to waste time when he should have been productive).

Spacer One Just came for the snacks. He isnt interested in joining this, or any other (Non)K(C)abal...Liah Sire

Scrumbucket has a couple of ideas for in-game evilness (pending acquisition of assorted items) but isn't really interested in joining unless his idols, the Ex-Presidents, are members as well. He also has some RL experience in the trafficking of souls, which may or may not count since it wasn't in-game. Although he must admit he seems to be better at buying them than selling...

Unstenk has harvested many fields that he did not plant. He also clubbed dozens of Cute Seals, and continues to do so whenever he visits the beach. Also, he may "know" the true identities of a couple of Ex-Presidents...

If you collected grapes, it doesn't count, they are worthless--Solune 22:15, 4 July 2007 (BST)
What about baskets of plums?

Schnorrer added the following post (since deleted) to the Members of the Kabal section of this page:

Schnorrer after receiving a special, fancy invitation from the founders, has consented to joining the Kabal. He hopes to make a fine contribution to the group by organising social events like three-legged racing, apple bobbing and performance poetry reading.

He is at the forefront of the controversial performance art movement in Cities, getting particularly up the nose of the more conservative sectors of Cities society.

Theendisnigh has never been caught, or even accused of doing anything evil (apart from accidentally knicking the UD from someone), his defence is 'Nobody saw me do it, I wasn't there, I was dead at the time, you can't prove a thing'.

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