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There is no actual name for this part of Cities in game. However, it is commonly known as Kansas because of the Wizard of Oz reference. To get there, you need 2 Ruby Slippers. Click the heels 3 times (1AP per click) and you will wake up in Kansas.

You lose 2 Ruby Slippers. You wake up. It was all just a dream... (but where did all these weapons come from?)

GPS doesn't work here, except at 3E 402N right of the Bedroom. Standard Maps work here.


Moustache Bar
Farm Supplies

Garden Garden Garden Garden
Garden Kitchen Bedroom Garden


Garden Store Room Lounge Garden
Garden Garden Garden Garden

Kansas is also apparently spherical, walk one direction long enough you'll arrive back where you started.

Hmm, that probably makes it toroidal. I know I'm a pedant! Theendisnigh 17:28, 1 July 2007 (BST)

Roughly 20 x 20 squares. cheese 04:45, 31 March 2009 (EDST)

Things to do

  • Make Tea in the kitchen for 10AP.
  • Sit in the Lounge for 10AP. Heals you to full! ahhhhhhhhh..
  • Search the Store Room for 20AP. See what others find in the store room.
  • Feed Wheat to the chickens, then kill them to get an Egg.
  • Sleep on bed and leave this sweet dream (takes you back to where you clicked the slippers.
  • Visit the Mustache Bar as part of the Help Dorothy quest (located ESE of the house - you can see it on a map). You can also buy drinks there:
Glass of Wine - 200 gold
Gin and Tonic - 800 gold
Bottle of Wine - 300 gold
Bottle of Sparkling Wine - 1000 gold
  • Visit Farm Supplies and buy a Goose Egg for 10,000 gold.
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