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Update (13 Mar 2007)

Babies are now enabled again, on their original schedule. If you had one, you should get a message to that effect, telling you when your next feed is. This is the last of the changes made as a result of the loss of passwords. Everything is now back to normal (or, at least, as normal as Cities ever gets).

Darksatanic 18:33, 13 March 2007 (GMT)

Update (10 Mar 2007)

Somewhat later than promised (sorry, I was in the bar with Elseware), I've put Pets back to normal. Your pet will now need feeding in the normal way.

Babies from Harvey's farm will be re-enabled at 17:00 GMT on Tuesday 13th. The schedule will resume from where it left off, so your baby feeding times will be the same as they were before the outage. Darksatanic 13:24, 10 March 2007 (GMT)

Update (6 March 2007)

We have got our hands on the backups, and (after a nasty moment when elseware mis-understood a subtlety of the data format and thought we didn't have anything in the backup), have restored the missing password data. All affected players have been given a Chit, which will be exchangable for some goodies soon.

There are some characters (53 at present) who still don't have their passwords back -- those created between the backup we used and the "incident". I propose dealing with those on an individual basis, as some are obviously test users, and some probably won't return, or will simply have started again. Let us know, either on IRC, or mail me (hugo@carfax.org.uk) with your username, your password, and an IP address that you logged in on recently, if you're one of these people.

We will be turning pet hunger back on in three days' time -- Friday at 17:00 game time (GMT). If you were unable to log in over the last week, feed your pet NOW. Your pet will have a negative food rating, so you'll need to feed it quite a bit to get it back to a healthy state. Affected players will have zero AP cost for feeding their pets up to the "nearly full" level, but will still need to have the food for it.

We'll also sort out the four people with babies -- keep an eye on your Palantir if you had a baby from Harvey, and we'll let you know what's happening with that soon.

What's happened

We've had a problem with the database which has resulted in losing the passwords for all currently-active users. This was due to a bug in some code attempting to fix the people-vanishing-at-parties bug.

What's being done

We've managed to restore about half of these (all older characters) from an old online backup. Restoring the remainder will require a recovery from the tape backups taken by the ECS systems team. The earliest we can get hold of the data now will be Monday 5th March.

By "older", I mean at least several months old. I'm not sure of the exact cut-off point.

We (the Cities developers) have now started taking our own backups of the system database, independent of the normal infrastructure backups that we are trying to recover from at the moment. Thus, should something like this happen again, we will be able to move much faster in recovering the data. We also have backups of the complete subversion repository with all the code in it.

What this means

Your character will continue to gain AP, Mana and Kudos in the normal way. All pet hunger effects have been suspended until we sort out the rest of the problems. Your pet won't starve. If you can log in, you will still be able to feed your pet -- they just won't die when they reach 0%. After we get things working again, there will be an announcement on the front page of the wiki, and we'll give you all a couple of days to feed your pets back to health.

Similarly, the 3 people with babies won't be locked up, or be able to feed them until we've sorted things out. We will restore those to the status they had beforehand -- again, with warning.

As soon as we get hold of the backups, we'll be able to get the relevant password data out of them, and restore access. We had hoped to get hold of the data today (Friday 2nd), but it looks like we won't get it until at least Monday 5th now. More info will be posted as we have it.

Darksatanic 16:57, 2 March 2007 (GMT)

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