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Details On Access

The Lost World entrance 21E 128N DSSGCM lies atop the High Plateau, which is approachable from the East over the Strange Crags. The High Plateaux are untalismanable and unsummonable, but the Strange Crags are not.

There are several card tables here, balanced precariously on the lip of the chasm. The tables
all have different coloured baize.

And then there is the option to start a game. If a game already has been started by another player you may also get an option to join that game.

Once four players have joined the game, you play bridge. Each player contributes a suit automatically: Spade, Diamond, Human Heart, and Club 18-30.

You play bridge with your friends.
Useful things, bridges.

And you are inside the Lost World.

If your group is missing an item, you see:

You're missing something for this game, between you.

Sheep Hearts don't appear to count. :(

Bridge Players Needed

This page is like the party summon page. Please make sure you delete your entry when the game has been played and you've made it to the Lost World.

Sgt. Duke Lalumi is seeking a second, third, and fourth for bridge. --BlaisedeC 06:02, 17 May 2020 (BST)

I would possibly be interested. what items do you got/need? AmishRobots 06:44, 17 May 2020 (BST)
I have all four items, so any other three players would be fine. --BlaisedeC 15:32, 18 May 2020 (BST)
You lose a Human Heart.
You play bridge with your friends.
Useful things, bridges.
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