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  • Planting in some locations (AP cost varies) immediately returns a grown plant. It must be Magic!
  • Sells for 100 Gold to Wizards.
  • Save up 10 of them for use in cultivation.
  • Mash into a Lump of Mashed Beans.

Where to get them


Check out Making Food for things to do with your fresh produce. Planting costs 10AP in deserts, bad lands and dusk plains, 30AP in water, and 5AP everywhere else that planting is allowed. The results vary both by alignment and by terrain. Planting never fails anymore as of 15 Feb 2006.

There always seems to be about a 3.3% chance of growing a beanstalk and being transported to Cloud Land.

What has bean grown where so far...
Location AP Fire Water Air Earth Neutral Sewage Ice Dark Spirit Pure Shrimp
Green Terrain 5 Bag of Coffee Beans (20%)
Sunflower (80%)
Lettuce (20%)
Cucumber (80%)
Basket of Plums (20%)
Bunch of Grapes (80%)
Sheaf of Oats (20%)
Sheaf of Wheat (80%)
Stone Stone Stone Pumpkin Stone Kudos Stone
Bad Lands and
Dusk Plain
10 Bag of Coffee Beans (80%)
Fistful of Almonds (20%)
Cucumber 20 Olives (80%)
Basket of Figs (20%)
5 Cloves of Garlic (80%)
Bag of Walnuts (20%)
Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing
Desert 10 2 Bags of Coffee Beans 3 Cucumbers 3 Bunches of Grapes 10 Cloves of Garlic Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing
Haunted Farm 5 Tomato
Water 30 Seaweed Frond
Road 5 "Route" Vegetables:
Sewage 50 Seaweed Frond
Mud 30 Seaweed Frond
Satanic Gardens 5 See SatanicGardensTable

!! Satanic Gardens

Check out planting beans there... Elseware 02:00, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Log your results here...

Beans DO NOT GROW on:

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