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Where to get it

Mages gain mana naturally over time. Apprentices gain one mana every 8 hours, shamans gain one every 3 hours, and Wizards (probably) gain one every hour. The amount of mana gained this way is tripled while standing on a Pentacle.

Dropped by monsters:

  • Manatees drop a Magic-Good, which you can convert to 12 mana for 12AP.
  • Nodules (only visible to Apprentices) drop a couple of mana.
  • Nodes (only visible to Shamans) drop 3-8 mana.
  • Nexuses (Nexi ?) (only visible to Wizards) drop 9-26 mana
  • Imps (only killable by Mages) drop 1-5 mana.

Other sources:

  • Convert magic items and Bling to mana with an Eldritch Machine. (You can convert Bling directly to mana, without an Eldritch Machine, if you've completed the Goodyear Pimp quest.)
  • Mages get 100 mana for completing the Trail of Trials.
  • Can be mined from a mana vein in the Mines.
  • May also be obtained as a result of drinking certain cocktails:
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