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Quick Reference Table

Name Damage Mod to hit % Time of day Bonus Alignment Bonus Notes
Fists 1 +0% none none none
Nasty Blow 2 -10% none 2x against Water Art of Nasty Blows
Stone Fist 2 -10% none 2x against Air Art of Stone Fist
Fire Punch 2 -10% none 2x against Earth Art of Fire Punch
Wet Slap 2 -10% none 2x against Fire Art of Wet Slap
Poke of Death 1x3 0% none none Way of the Finger
Brunch Punch 1 +20% 3 dmg at brunch none learnt at Dojo
Painful Punch 4 0% none none learnt at Dojo, damages you slightly
Poison Hand 5 +30% unknown unknown Poison Hand Quest Reward


Default weapon. 1 damage. +0% to hit.

Elemental Martial Arts

Nasty Blow

2 damage. -10% to hit. Air elemental: does 2x damage against Water. Learnt from The Art of the Nasty Blows.

Stone Fist

2 damage. -10% to hit. Earth elemental: does 2x damage against Air. Learnt from The Art of the Stone Fist.

Fire Punch

2 damage. -10% to hit. Fire elemental: does 2x damage against Earth. Learnt from The Art of the Fire Punch.

Wet Slap

2 damage. -10% to hit. Water elemental: does 2x damage against Fire. Learnt from The Art of the Wet Slap.

Non-Elemental Martial Arts

Poke of Death

1 damage, 3 attacks. Learnt from The Way of the Finger.

Brunch Punch

Base damage of 1, 3 damage at brunch (09:00 - 12:00 game time). Learnt from Master Ralph

Painful Punch

4 damage, +0% to hit. Does 1 to 5 damage to you when used. Learnt from Master Ralph

Poison Hand

5 damage, 30% to hit. Learnt from Count Dante at the conclusion of Poison Hand Quest. Has a decent probability of blocking your enemy's attack.

You attack the Earth Dragon.
You cause 40 points of damage, and receive 400 experience.
The Earth Dragon winces in pain.


Gained by magical means. Damage done is as given. That means, your damage multiplier is set to one and won't affect the damage done by claws and the like. You're also very clumsy with those claws instead of hands so that you can't eat Bacon Sammies or drink Cocktails to enhance the damage done. You still cause double damage against your weak alignment though.

Claws (Dragon)

The favourite weapon of a dragon:

100 damage, +0% to hit

Claws (Werewolf)

A Werewolf's weapon:

40 damage, +0%(?) to-hit

Claws (Wombat)

A Wombat's weapon:

40 damage, +0% to-hit


What remains from a Impending Slap, Kick, or a Tribble Gun. Discard for 0AP


The only weapon a Toad can hold. Deadly to spelling bees and spelling flies

(no damage displayed)

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