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Bits of Metal

Obtained from smelting Ore and destroying asteroids.

Bit of Brass

Alloy of Zinc and Copper.

Bit of Bronze

Bit of Copper

  • Use to make a ding ding noise.
  • Use 10 Bits of Copper to make a Copper Nail.

Just how much copper is needed to make an axe? And what else? Presumably something for an axe-shaft.

  • A piece of wood and 1500 Copper isn't enough... still working on it. jmb 12:58, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Does Enchanted Wood work?
      • Not got any yet, but going to try that and Hard and Pointy Stick
      • You need 500 bits of copper, and a piece of ancient wood.

Bit of Gold

Bit of Iron

  • As well as from smelting Iron Ore, can also be obtained from a broken Rusty Sword.
  • Use to make a ding ding noise.
  • Use 1 Bit of Iron to make a Pin.
  • Use 2 Bits of Iron to make a Needle.
  • Use 2 Bits or Iron to make a Safety Pin.
  • Use 10 Bits of Iron to make a Iron Nail.
  • Use 1000 bits to make a Knife. -- Note: this does not appear to work. BlaisedeC 16:32, 16 June 2006 (BST)
  • 40 Bits of Iron needed in making a Spear of Odin.
  • 250 Bits of Iron needed in making a Caravel.

Bit of Lead

  • Use 20 Bits of Lead to make a Cannon Ball.
  • Use 1 Bit of Lead to make a "ding ding" sound.
  • 400 Bits of Lead needed in making an Air Ship.
  • Wizards can turn it into gold.

Bit of Misril

  • Use 1 bit of Misril, a Bling Bling, and 20 mana to make a Misril Bling.

Bit of Silver Goth Fashion 1

The weapons can be sharpened (Air 10/20/40AP), see Weapons.

Bit of Zinc


Bucky Ball

Made from Carbon. No apparent use yet. Syagrius 15:33, 4 November 2006 (GMT)

Well, they're slipperier than heck, and only half as infernal. PotatoEngineer 12:06, 5 November 2006 (GMT)
How many Bucky Balls are needed to make a Nanotube, or must we get by with rolled up graphite from Enchanted Charcoal? Dendrast 02:46, 16 November 2006 (GMT)
" Popular Science has published articles about the possible uses of fullerenes [bucky balls] in armor. Fullerenes would be ideal for this, as they are as hard or harder than diamond." wikipedia possible use? Spugmeistress 00:09, 25 January 2007 (GMT)
I have a number of bucky balls if an armorer wants to try them for something. -- X-Himy 01:05, 25 January 2007 (GMT)


Drops from Minotaur and whales. Can also be found by drilling at an Oil Platform.


Current best known probabilities
Metal Mountains Crags Outcrops
Iron - 20% -
Copper 10% 30% -
Bronze 20% 10% 30%
Lead - - 15%
Silver 35% - -
Gold 5% 10% 20%
Stone 20% 30% 30%

Ore is the raw material for a metal, and is mined on Crags, Outcrops and Mountains. It must be smelted to make the metal before further use. See also the Mining Table. Smelting is a fire craft, and costs 4AP and 4 Units of Charcoal per ore. The volume discount multiplier is .75 per order or magnitude.

A spade and misril bling reduce the cost of mining to a minimum of 12AP (fire).

Bronze Ore

  • Smelt to make 100 Bits of Bronze.

I keep meaning to ask - just what exactly is Bronze Ore? Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin (or various other metals) so you don't find it as Ore (or do you?) - You probably want Tin Ore (cassiterite) and smelt it with Copper.

Bronze Ore is like Brass Ore, but more bronzey. Nick 21:38, 21 Jan 2006 (GMT)
(ask a daft question...)
Of course. How foolish of me. Oh, the Irony Ore.

Copper Ore

  • Smelt to make 100 Bits of Copper.

Gold Ore

  • Smelt to make 100 Bits of Gold.

Iron Ore

  • Smelt to make 100 Bits of Iron.

Lead Ore

  • Smelt to make 100 Bits of Lead.

Misril Ore

  • Smelt (with 3 units of enchanted charcoal) to make 100 Bits of Misril

Silver Ore Goth Fashion 1

  • Smelt to make 100 Bits of Silver.

Zinc Ore

Used to make bits of brass. Found only in the Mines.


When you have a Ball Mill, it combines with Charcoal & Sulphur to create Black Powder. Combines in the ratio 15:3:2.


Combine this with Saltpetre and Charcoal to make Black Powder.

Dropped primarily by Fire monsters.

Unit of Sand

Can be collected from Badlands. Can also be collected from the Beach. Selling to alchemists can make you quick money if your Life Insurance policy kicks in!

Can be made into a Bit of Molten Glass, using 2 Units of Charcoal and 5 Units of Sand (Air 9AP; Fire 3AP; Water 9AP; Earth 15AP).

You can collect alot more of this in Desert terrain. -- Splotch

But beaches are where it's atdensity
And where you can use all of it up at once! -Scrumbucket 20:40, 31 January 2007 (GMT)
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