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A.K.A. the South East Tunnels.


How to get there

Enter one of (at least) 4 caves holding a light source:

  • 68E 22N DSSGCM = 1068E 1022N
  • 69E 31N DSSGCM = 1069E 1031N (very close to Standing Stone XXII)
  • 71E 46N DSSGCM = 1071E 1046N
  • 73E 25N DSSGCM = 1073E 1025N (cave is adjacent to trail from Eastern gap in southern Barrier Mountains)


There are 4 locations of interest in the mines, one near each corner. They are separated by rock which must be mined through to travel between them.

  • SE is Understuff City = 1096E 1002N
  • NE is the Jeweler = 1095E 1040N
  • NW is the Altar = 1055E 1051N
Gap in the rock is at 1053E 1036N
  • SW is the Mountain King = 1052E,1003N


When you first cut a rock it transforms into a vein. Known veins include bronze, iron, copper, diamond, gold, lead, mana, misril, silver, zinc, tribble, minrilax nests, and cracked rock. Further cutting the vein will bring ore each time until it breaks into a tunnel square (you can mine it from 1 to 13 times before it will break). Since most veins break after 1-2 mining efforts, it looks like about a 50% chance to break per cut.

You can cut rocks to advance.

Cutting implements can break when used this way.

Mining cost

The cost is 36AP base, and with instruments:

int( 36 / (1+BLINGS+TOOL) ) BLINGS is your number of misril blings equipped, TOOL is 1 if you're using a spade, 3 if you're using a pickaxe, 0 otherwise.

A pickaxe effectively counts as three Misril Blings (without taking up your bling equipment slots). For example, mining costs:

  • 9 AP with a Pickaxe
  • 5 AP with 3 blings and a Pickaxe.


Several new kinds of monsters have been found; for further information, see the monsters page:

  • the Hista
  • the Rocky Horror
  • Bats, Big Bats and Bloody Big Bats, ranging from 20 to 12800HP
  • Morpheus
  • Sisters (in the Hall of the Mountain King)

Also, I'm not sure this counts as a "danger" per se, but unlike some of the other tunnels, movement costs are 6AP here (probably due to the rocky terrain). Best to bring a few sets of winged boots. --JAD 05:08, 21 January 2007 (GMT)

actually it's 10 AP minus 4 for the creature survey--Solune 13:47, 22 January 2007 (GMT)

NEWS (about four in the morning): Warning to all miners: The south-east tunnels have recently been found to be geologically unstable. Careful how you dig.

If you dig out a 3x3 area, there is a chance that you will cause a cave-in, which takes a long time to clear. (Until that tile gets a rock generated on top of it?)

There's a chance for the cave in to fall on your head. No idea if you take damage from that, but it'll cost 50 AP to move out of that square. Bring some Kraken Pieces to save those AP. Flt 15:35, 12 January 2008 (GMT)
I took damage; ended up at -4 HP but not actually dead - this may be a bug. --naath 10:36, 23 January 2008 (GMT)
Ah, then I applied a bandage and "passed out", waking up in water city hospital --naath 10:37, 23 January 2008 (GMT)
Digging away all the supports (adjacent & diagonal) causes a square to collapse immediately.

What to do

Mine rock. You will do a lot of this.

Worship at the altar.

Visit Understuff.

Farm bats for potions of antidote.

Slay Rocky-Horrors to gain Time Warps.

Exchange 5 time warps at the Dwarf Jeweler for a Jewel of the Mountain King.

Visit the Throne of the Mountain King and exchange the jewel for a SE Tunnel Map.

Rough Guides

Directions to Understuff and the Dwarf Jeweler (from the 73E 25N entrance)

Access to Understuff (at 1096E 1002N).

Head south east from the cave. It's a long walk. MrFoo 00:43, 20 January 2007 (GMT)
The Black Smith in Understuff will give you a Pickaxe for 101 Bits of Misril. -- Sertularian 15:36, 21 January 2007 (GMT)

North of Understuff (1095E, 1040N) is the cave of the Dwarf Jeweler. At this time, tunnels connect the two. For 5 Time Warps, the Jeweler will give you the Jewel of the Mountain King. -- Sertularian 15:19, 21 January 2007 (GMT)

Directions to the Altar (from the 69E 31N entrance)

Take the tunnel to the north which will turn west. Keep heading west to a gap in the undiggable rock, from here head north and keep going until you again reach undiggable rock, then follow the passage to the north east and you will find the SE tunnel altar.

Directions to The Hall of the Mountain King (from the 68E 22N entrance)

Throne of the Mountain King (1052E,1003N) When you enter the cave, just head east for a few steps until you can go south, and then south until you can go west. this leads to a wide passage west which eventually turns south. follow this until you enter the hall of the mountain king.

Give him a jewel of the mountain king (give the jeweler (1095E,1040N) 5 time-warps for the jewel) and the king will give you the south east tunnel map.

The Mountain King continues to ask for a jewel. If you give him another one, you just get a second copy of the map. Ravensdance 09:33, 28 January 2007 (GMT)


The tunnels periodically collapse after they have been mined, so any map will eventually become obsolete.

To paraphrase: "There are no tunnels but what we make for ourselves." Darksatanic 20:15, 24 January 2007 (GMT)

It might still be useful to have a map showing the relationships between fixed places. As people will tend to be interested in traveling between the same places, it might be useful to overlay suggested routes, then travelers are more likely to keep them open. I've noticed that when I cut through rock there's frequently open space on the other side. Of course, you can't see that until you do it, and if there's an open route in another direction it can be more attractive, but turns out to involve more work overall... - jmb 14:16, 2 June 2007 (BST)

This is part of the reason why you want a South-East Tunnel Map, or (even better) a Tunnel Map. As near as I can make out, a few tiles here and there collapse on a (daily? hourly?) basis, but I don't think it's more than about 5% per day or so. PotatoEngineer 22:21, 2 June 2007 (BST)

Here is an incomplete, partially obsolete (already! bits obsolete themselves over night) map of the mines. L is lava, U un-diggable rock, .s are cleared tunnel, small letters represent useful things which are described to the left. Hopefully the visual representation of the layout of fixed parts helps somewhat; I doubt that the layout of cleared tunnels will remain anything like this for any significant period, although it would be cool if people would settle on fixed courses through it.

 L LU       XXXUXXXX...                           U altar
 LLU        XXXUXX..X..                           U
ULU         XXXU@...X.c                           U cave 71 46
 L          XXXUX....X.                           U
 L          XXXU.X.XXXX                           U
 L          XXXU...XXXX               .XXX.XXXX..XU
ULUUUgUUUUUUUUUU..XX.XX               XX.XX..XX.XXU gap in the rock
ULU          XXXX.....X               .XX..XXX...XU
ULU          XXX..XX...               XXX.XX......U
ULU          XXXX.X....               .XX.....jXXXU jewler
ULU           XX...XX.X               X.....X.XXX.U
ULU           XX..X.X.X               X.XX.....XX.U
ULU           XXX...XXX             .XX..XX.X....XU
ULU           XXX.X.X..             ..XX.XX..X.X..U
ULUXXXX.XXXXX.XXX..X...             .XX.....XXX.  U
ULU.X.XXXXXX.X......X..             .X..XXX..XX.  U
ULU..X..XXX.X..XXXX.....            X.XXXXX.X.XX  U
ULUXXXXXXXX.XXX.....c.XX            ..XXXXX.X.X.  U cave 69 31
ULUXXXX...@..X.XX.....X.            ..XXXX..XXX.  U
ULUXXX..XX.......X.X...X              XXX...XX.X  U
ULUXXXX..XXX............X......XXX.X ...XX.XX.X.XXU
ULUX...X.XX...X...XX....c..X...X.........X..X..XX.U cave 73 25
ULUXXXXXX....XXXX.Xc...X.X.XX.....X.X...X.XXXXXX..U cave 68 22
ULU         ..XX....X..XX.XXX.XXX.....X...XXXXXX.XU
ULU         XXXX...X.......XX.XXXX.X.XXXXXXXXX....U
ULU         XXX.....XXX.XXX.X.X.....XX..XXX.XX.X..U
ULUhhhhhh....XX.X.... .XXXXXXXX    XXXXX...XXX.sXXU storeroom
ULUhhhhhhXX.XXX.X...X              XXXXXXX.XTX....U
ULUthhhhhXX.XXX...XXX                 XXXX........U throne 
ULUfsdhhhX......XXXXX                 .......X.uuuU understuff
ULUwbkhhh.....XX...X                      ...X.uuuU
Past the lava to the West is the SW tunnels; to the North is the Sewers;
to the South and East nothing is visible past the undiggable rock.
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