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Monster spawning/dying follows one of three patterns.


Normal Monster Spawning

The vast majority of monsters in Cities live and die according to this pattern. Each "path" between terrain squares has a set amount of time to respawn, ranging from a few hours (in highly-trafficked locations/terrain) to much longer (ocean, Thick Jungle). Whenever any player acts, the paths within view of that player are checked. If a path has been empty for its set amount of time, a monster has a chance of spawning on that path (although it doesn't always occur). Thus, monster spawning is caused directly triggered by player actions.

Normal monsters have a finite lifespan, believed to be a random value from 2-24 days. Monsters die of old age in a similar manner to which they spawn: whenever a player acts, the monsters in view are checked. Those monsters that are past their expiration date quietly pass away, leaving an empty path.

The monster-spawning and -dying logic occurs before the page is rendered; essentially, rather than having real-time logic constantly dictate monster spawning, it's done immediately before a player would notice it.


Spontaneous spawning/dying

The following occasionally occurs:

  1. A player finds themselves next to an empty path adjacent to their current location.
  2. Between the time they loaded that page and click the arrow to move, the respawn time of the path passes.
  3. When the player clicks to move, the respawn logic kicks in and spawns a monster in the way.

When this happens, you get an error message "A monster just appeared!" and do not move.

Theoretically, monsters can spontaneously die of old age as well (even while you're in the middle of fighting them), although this is even more uncommon.

Tarot Deck

The Tarot Deck locates the closest monster that is currently alive in the game code. Given the above spawning rules, this means that it can sometimes give inaccurate results:

  • If a monster is located some distance away, while walking in that direction you might trigger a new one to spawn near you. Although the Tarot Deck was accurate at the time of the reading, there is now a new monster of that type closer to you.
  • If a monster is past its expiration date, it only "dies" if a player walks by. Thus, if the closest monster is too old, once you reach its location it will immediately die and you will not see it. A subsequent Tarot reading will direct you to a different monster. (This most often occurs in not-well-traveled areas, such as the Oz Thick Jungle.) Some consider this behavior a bug, although it's not clear how feasible it is to fix.
This also happens with relatively great frequency when hunting a manatee in the Oz ocean. --JAD 04:09, 11 March 2007 (GMT)

Semi-Unique Spawning Rules

Certain monsters are "semi-unique" (including some genuinely unique monsters). There are a set number of each of these monsters in existence; when one is killed, another immediately respawns somewhere else.

There is currently some buggy behavior associated with this code; while it generally works, the number of monsters is not always constant--it sometimes grows (e.g. Sir Tim) and sometimes the monsters die off without respawning (e.g. Whales).

The following monsters follow semi-unique spawning rules (quantity, where known, is included):

  • Undead Dragon (1)
  • Snark (1)
  • Sir Tim (supposedly 1, really several)
  • Manatees (3?)
  • Pirates (?)
  • Whales (supposedly 3?, currently 0)
  • Raptor packs (1 pack each of Velociraptors, Acceleraptors, and Displaciraptors)
Individual raptors also have a chance of respawning nearby when killed!

Unlike normal monsters, some semi-unique monsters do not appear to die of old age; it is believed that this is true of the Undead Dragon, the Snark, and whales. However, it is unknown if this is true of all of them (expecially given reports of taroting failures on Manatees).

Unique Spawning Rules

Certain monsters spawn similarly to normal monsters, except that only one can be in the game at any time. All actions which might normally trigger monster-spawning will not work if there is already one in play; once that monster is killed, the normal terrain wait time applies, then the unique monster has a chance of respawning when a player next views their lair.

Unique-spawning monsters include:

  • Fenris Wolf (respawn chance time: very fast--a few minutes)
  • The Giant (respawn chance time: fast--less than 30 minutes)
  • The Gorgan (respawn chance time: 8 hours, although frequently takes 24 hours to actually spawn)
  • Manic Minotaur (respawn chance time: unknown, probably somewhere between the Giant and the Gorgan)

Monster Spawning Locations

(This is a work in progress, feel free to contribute or correct.) -- X-Himy 17:58, 9 February 2007 (GMT)

Certain monsters will own spawn in certain locations or areas.

  • Giant - Will only spawn in the castle in the clouds. Exact location forthcoming.
  • Gorgan - Will only spawn in the temple. Exact location forthcoming.
  • Fenris Wolf - Will only spawn on the Bifrost Bridge in Asgard. Exact location forthcoming.
  • Serpent Heads will only spawn in the Pool of the Mountain King.
  • Monsters will tend to spawn in areas befitting their alignment, particularly for higher level monsters. Air monsters will tend to spawn on air terrains (mountains, crags), water monsters tend to spawn on water terrains (swamps, lakes), etc.
  • Lower level elemental monsters (Gnomes, Undines, Toads, Glow Worm) will spawn in green regions (fields, pastures, etc).
  • Lower level neutral monsters (except for bees and pinatas) will spawn throughout the entire kingdom in all land regions except for the Frozen North and the Great Desert (and except for Oz?). They will also spawn on green regions.
  • Bees will spawn in forest and jungle terrain.
  • Pinatas will spawn in forest and jungle terrain.
  • Hard knocks monsters (Phoenixes, Rocs, Crocodiles, and Triffids) will only spawn in the interior region of the main 'Kingdom. Boundaries forthcoming.
  • Crocodiles will only spawn on Swamp terrain.
  • Phoenixes will only spawn on Desert terrain.
  • Rocs will only spawn on Mountain terrain.
I've found a great number of Rocs in the frozen north. --Greycat 15:42, 27 April 2007 (BST)
  • Triffids will only spawn on Jungle terrain.
  • Dragons (except for Ice dragons) spawn in the interior region of the main 'Kingdom and in the Great Desert. Boundaries forthcoming.
  • Small dragons spawn around Dragon Spires and Dragon Passes. The element of the dragon depends on the color of the terrain.
  • Large dragons spawn around large Dragon Spires. The element of the dragon depends on the color of the terrain.
  • Both large and small dragons will spawn throughout the interior region, but only on locations corresponding to their element (earth dragons spawn in jungles, water dragons spawn in swamps, etc).
  • Cows and sheep tend to spawn around pasture terrain. They also spawn on Harvey's farm, and possibly in Kansas (?).
  • Chickens spawn in Kansas and in Harvey's Farm (JAD has seen/killed them there).
  • Spelling Flies spawn in swamp terrain in the interior region of the main 'Kingdom.
  • Mud Men spawn on swamp and fire swamp terrain.
  • R.O.U.S spawn on fire swamp terrain.
  • Thieves, Ninjas, Brute Squads, Squirrels, Treemen, and Pigs will only spawn in the Thieves' Forest terrain. (Pigs also spawn in the sky.)
  • Zebras tend to spawn around ice stations.
  • The Nordic monsters only spawn in Asgard.
  • Giant clams only spawn around the Reef.
  • Omar the Troll will only spawn in towns. Probably the four towns of the main 'Kingdom.
  • Roadrunners will only spawn on road terrain.
  • Bats and Gygaxes tend to spawn on cave terrain.
  • Zodiac monsters will only spawn in Dreamtime squares in Oz.
  • Ice Monsters will only spawn north of 100N, except if it snows in the main 'Kingdom again.
  • Headhunters only appear inside the Andies.
  • Ghosts will only spawn in graveyards and arounds roads as well.
  • Guards will only spawn in the Ancient Castle.
  • Morpheus will only spawn inside the Andies and in the SE tunnels.
  • RockyHorrors and Histas will only spawn in the SE tunnels (They have been seen in guild-space too).
  • Dianogas, Gas, Thick Gas, and Adolescent Tortoises will only spawn in the sewers.
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