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The Moon was bought by Thog in the great charity auction during Festival 2008.

It is 20x20 and wraps around (torus map). The southwestern corner is at 470E 400N DSSGCM and the northeastern corner is at 489E 419N DSSGCM.

The base movement cost is 4 AP (with the Creature Survey).

How to get there

The only currently known ways are to break a talisman that has been enchanted by someone else who's already been there, or to use a portal set up by someone else who's been there.

There is currently a Guild Teleport to the Moon in the SmiteSoc guild at 10°E, 90°N. --Naimoigiant 19:30, 7 October 2009 (BST)

Things To Do

  • Gaze at the magnificent Clangers and Moon Beasts. (Space Ghosts also appear from time to time.)
  • Feed BBs to the Iron Hens and wonder what they might someday lay for you in return.
  • Mine the Lunar Mountains for interesting things


░░░░░c░░░c░░cc░░░░░░<- 489E 419N
░░░░░░░c░c░c░░c░c░M░  ░ = Lunar Plain
░c░c░░░░M░░░c░░░cc░░  c = Small Crater
c░░░░░░░░░░░░c░░CcM░  C = Crater
░c░░░M░░c░░cc░░░░cc░  M = Lunar Mountain
c░░░░░c░░░░░c░░░░░cC  █ = Settlement (trading post)
└─ 470E 400N
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