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To get here, give 1 million kipple to Captain Solo on the Space Station.

When you enter the Neutral Zone you arrive on the Neutral Station surrounded by Neutral Space.

Movement costs 1 AP.

The Neutral Zone is 20x20 and wraps around.

Things to do

  • Kill Platforms for Perls and Carbons for Carbons (other local fauna include Space Ghosts, Space Monsters, Vampires and Nexuses (Nexi?))
  • Visit Paradox Pets (8S 4E of the station)
  • Visit the Neutral Planet (at 310E 468N) where you can buy
  • Neutral Talisman (1,000 gold)
  • Neutral Stone (1,000 gold)
  • Neutral Sword (15,000 gold)
  • Neutral Bow (25,000 gold)
  • Neutral Knife (10,000 gold)


All areas have been initially explored. If you find any new areas not noted please add them.

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