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There is a new town that was found in The Frozen South. 51E 550S DSSGCM

An Ice Road stretches out to the east to 80E 550S, then turns south 80E 574S, where it ends at the frozen village of Tresoddit.



Snow Snow Snow Snow Scrub Snow
Mall Northwich Town Hall Bay Tree Cafe Indoor Market

General Store

K-Bar at The Garage


Church of the RNG The Penny Black


Weaver Square Witton Street Guard Tower Road


Snow Wizard's Tower Winnington Lane Spec Saviours Well Scrub
Glacier Dane Bridge Medical Centre


Guard Tower The Tradesman's Entrance Moss Farm Leisure Centre


Snow Snow Snow Tarn Ice Station Glacier


Places to visit in Northwich include...

Northwich Town Hall

The residents of Northwich host their musical events here, the acoustics are remarkable
for such a small venue. (They're also well-aware of the irony in their town's name)
Welcome to Northwich Town Hall, we're just setting up for a performance, but we've been
completely unable to track down a piano. It seems that they're so hard to come by these days.
Admittedly, our requirements are pretty tough. If you ever manage to track down a proper Grand
Piano, with real ebony and ivory keys, we'll pay you handsomely for it.
If you're interested in pianos, it's always worth lifting the lid and checking the instrument's
strings, if they're too long or too short, they just don't sound so good.

See here for more information.

Bay Tree Cafe

The Bay Tree Cafe sells the following items:

  • a Mug of Coffee (proper) (200 Gold)
  • 5 Mugs of Coffee (proper) (800 Gold)

The Bay Tree Cafe buys the following items:

  • an Empty Mug (25 Gold)
  • 10 Empty Mugs (230 Gold)
  • 100 Empty Mugs (2000 Gold)

Indoor Market

The Indoor Market sells the following items:

  • 3 Spikey Ninja Throwing Stars (500 Gold)
  • a Rusty Sword (1000 Gold)
  • a Broad Sword (2500 Gold)
  • a Short Sword (2500 Gold)
  • a Short Bow (500 Gold)
  • a Bow (2000 Gold)
  • a Long Bow (5000 Gold)
  • an Arrow (1000 Gold)
  • 10 Arrows (8000 Gold)
  • a Fire Cracker (50 Gold)
  • 10 Fire Crackers (400 Gold)
  • a Huge Fire Cracker (400 Gold)
  • a Small Map (2000 Gold)
  • 3 Sheets of Paper (250 Gold)
  • a Fountain Pen (200 Gold)
  • a Clean Bandage (100 Gold)
  • 12 Clean Bandages (1000 Gold)
  • a Climbing Gear (20000 Gold)
  • a Set of Water Wings (500 Gold)
  • a Four-Pack of Lager (400 Gold)
  • a Compass (500 Gold)
  • a Pair of Shades (5000 Gold)
  • a Spartacus Mask (1000 Gold)
  • a Smiler Mask (1000 Gold)
  • a Bebe Goggles (200 Gold)
  • a Bort Goggles (200 Gold)
  • a Mincer (8000 Gold)
  • an Apron (500 Gold)
  • a Sorting Office Pass (10000 Gold)
  • a New Bag (500 Gold)
  • a Trout Mask (8000 Gold)
  • a Trout Mask Replica (200 Gold)
  • a Pair of Snowshoes (5000 Gold)
  • a Ski (5000 Gold)
  • a Pair of Earmuffs (3000 Gold)
  • an Emergency Flare (1000 Gold)

The Penny Black and K-Bar at The Garage

The Penny Black and K-Bar at The Garage pubs sell the following items:

  • a Mug of Ale (100 Gold)
  • 4 Mugs of Ale (350 Gold)
  • a Glass of Wine (200 Gold)
  • a Bottle of Cheap Rose (1000 Gold)
  • a Can of Lager (200 Gold)
  • a Gin and Tonic (800 Gold)
  • a Bottle of Wine (300 Gold)

Winnington Lane

The seedier part of town. There are some unscrupulous characters around these parts. You
could probably solicit here, if you were desperate for the cash.

You can "Solicit" for 20AP.

Spec Saviours

  • a Pair of Reading Glasses (200 Gold)
  • a Pair of Shades (2500 Gold)
  • a Pair of Snow Goggles (100 Gold)
  • a Pair of Beer Goggles (100 Gold)
  • a Bebe Goggles (100 Gold)
  • a Bort Goggles (100 Gold)
  • a 'Bard Goggles (100 Gold)
  • a Field Glasses (100 Gold)

Moss Farm Leisure Centre

The local sauna. Here, you can sit in a small wooden room at ludicrous temperatures
and 0% humidity, and soak up the heat. The sovereign remedy for frostbite

Warm up for 15AP.

Other Attractions

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