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Pinto (White\Brown) Pk or PC(female)
Chestnut (Brown) CC or Ck
Gray (White) PP or PC(male)
Black kk

This theory is known to be more or less correct (following the introduction of the HoGo), with a "twist".

A pwny has been genotyped that is a female pinto (FE CC) with the PC colour gene. The other three horsies with PC genes that have been typed are:

  • Firecracker - Male Grey WF (Sea) CC
  • Maxim - Male Grey WF (Sea) SS
  • Fluffy - Male Grey EW (Horsie) CC

The twist is presumably how this is possibly - maybe a PC colour gene manifests itself differently depending on the sex of the pwny. Rhapsodie 09:00, 15 September 2008 (BST)

Breeders should note that this may mean that Female Pinto horsies may be incorrectly typed (could be PC) in the table below and that female Gray horsies must be PP
Another PC pinto mare was uncovered, the only correlation is gender. Theory so amended. Gonzometro 06:55, 24 September 2008 (BST)


Date Mated Dam Colour Sire Colour Name Gender Colour Owner
2007/09/18 Ms. Moneypwny Pk Crazy Horse PC Cowboy  ? CkDomentzia
2007/09/27 Lightning Fury kk Vala Ck Foam Female Ck Sertularian
2007/09/28 Muffin PC or PP Crazy Horse PC Mercer Male PC or PP S. Mackie
2007/09/28 WildFire Ck Crazy Horse PC Binky Male Pk Thog
2007/09/30 Tonka Ck Shergar Pk Cupcake  ? Pk Locked in...
2007/09/30 Starr PC or PP Shergar Pk Starry Female Pk Ade
2007/09/30 Marvin Ck Wantryk Ck Pumpkin Female kk Andrewsi
2007/10/03 Knight Mare PP Rockin' PC or PP Hastur Female PP Cthu1hu
2007/10/03? Storm Pk Shadowfax PC or PP Monkey Female PP Donkey
2007/10/14 Billomina kk Rockin' PC or PP Ziny Female Pk yehman
2007/10/24 Ms. Moneypwny Pk Wantryk Ck Ragamoffyn Female kk Rhapsodie
2007/10/25 Lightning Fury kk Morvarc'h kk Bill Male kk naath
2007/10/29 Starr PP Wantryk Ck Starrburst Male Pk Prthivi
2007/11/01 Marvin Ck Wantryk Ck Joaquin Female Ck or CC jennyann
2007/11/09 Tonka Ck Shergar Pk ButterCup  ? Pk Stien
2007/11/21 Knight Mare PP Morvarc'h kk 'possum Male Pk Tiltowait
2007/11/23 Ms. Moneypwny Pk Vala Ck Miracle Female Pk Kenndogg
2007/11/23 Lightning Fury kk Vala Ck Nernst Female Ck ScurvyPirate
2007/11/29 Billomina kk Shergar Pk Hunter Male Pk Rhapsodie
2007/12/02 Marvin Ck Crazy Horse PC Shaggy Female Pkford_prefect
Date Mated Dam Colour Sire Colour Name Gender Colour Owner
2007/12/24 Starr PP Wantryk Ck Blazin' Star Female PC Mark Salen
2007/12/24 Starry Pk Wantryk Ck Shining Star Female Ck Josh Pisces
2007/12/24 Beata Pk My Little kk Weatherwax Male Pk Mrs. Gideon
2007/12/28 Foam Ck Binky Pk Fritz Male Ck Sertularian
2007/12/26? Monkey PP Morvarc'h kk Belladonna Female Pk BortJr
2008/01/05 Pumpkin kk Wantryk Ck Star  ? kk Andrewsi
2008/01/06 Billomina kk Wantryk Ck Mr Scruffy Male Ck Belkar
2008/01/06 Hastur PP Kieselguhr PC or PP Hali Female PP Cthu1hu
2008/01/07 Shalom PP Kieselguhr PC or PP Wonder Male PP Caelicoli
2008/01/09 Osk Pk Spot Pk Chamssin Female PP JohnTClark
2008/01/19 Ragamoffyn kk Binky Pk Bullseye Male Pk Tiltowait
2008/01/25 Starry Pk Wantryk Ck Starr Shine Female Ck Prithivi
2008/01/26 Monkey PP Morvarc'h kk Silver Female Pk Donkey
2008/01/27 Joaquin Ck Wantryk Ck Dave  ? CC or Ck Jennyann
2008/02/05 Billomina kk Bill kk Onyxia Female kk Brindabella
2008/02/08 Foam Ck Shergar Pk Flicka Female Ck Sertularian
2008/02/09 Knight Mare PP Kieselguhr PC/PP Hypnos Male PC/PP Kressida
2008/02/13 Shalom PP 'Possum Pk Diabla Female Pk Caelicoli
2008/02/16 Starr PP Starrburst Pk Starr Destroyer Female PP Rusalka
2008/02/23 Starry Pk Starrburst Pk Starr Cruiser Female Pk Ade
Date Mated Dam Colour Sire Colour Name Gender Colour Owner
2008/02/25 Nernst Ck 'Possum Pk Falcor Male kk ScurvyPirate
2008/03/03 Shaggy Pk Shergar Pk Apple Crumb Male Pk RockHawk
2008/02/08 Foam Ck My Little kk Glw Male Ck Phw
2008/03/16 Billomina kk Morvarc'h kk Billvark Male kk Kressida
2008/03/23 Belladonna Pk Morvarc'h kk Grassmuncher Male Pk Beata
2008/03/24 Shining Starr Ck Altima Pk Arcturus Male Ck Josh Pisces
2008/03/25 Nernst Ck Fritz Ck Gmork Female Ck/CC ScurvyPirate
2008/03/27 Hastur PP Hunter Pk Azathoth Female PP Cthu1hu
2008/03/29 Lady of the
kk Hunter Pk Space Mountain  ? kk El Kappytan
2008/04/01 Ragamoffyn kk Wonder PP Throwaway Female Pk gonzometro
2008/04/02 Shaggy Pk Mr Scruffy Ck Ceilidh Male Pk ford_prefect
2008/04/01 Heather PP Mr Scruffy Ck Talisker Female Pk hollyhamster
2008/04/10 Autumn Ck Kieselguhr PC/PP Diving Belle Pk Flugenheim
2008/04/13 Billomina kk Fritz Ck Liquorice Male kk Promised to Tiltowait
2008/04/15 Shalom PP Wantryk Ck Atlantis Female Pk Caelicoli
2008/04/15 Foam Ck Wantryk Ck Elmer Male Ck Sertularian
2008/04/29 Belladonna Pk My Little kk Mars Pk Incen
2008/04/29 Onyxia kk Hunter Pk Jasper Male Pk Ade
2008/4/30 Beata Pk Weatherwax Pk Mr Missus Male Pk Agrippinilla
2008/05/04 Ziny Pk Hunter Pk Zany Male Pk yehman
2008/05/05 Mystery Pk Fritz Ck Jupiter Female kk jpv
Date Mated Dam Colour Sire Colour Name Gender Colour Owner
2008/05/05 Joaquin Ck Fritz Ck Enigma Female CC/Ck jpv
2008/05/06 Flicka Ck Bullseye Pk Finn Male Pk Rhapsodie
2008/05/08 Lady of the
kk Weatherwax Pk Great Lord
kk Maaaweee
2008/05/09 Diabla Pk Bullseye Pk Isis Female Pk Caelicoli
2008/05/10 Shaggy Pk Hunter Pk Lavender Male PP hammyhamster
2008/05/10 Heather PP Hunter Pk Bockscar Male PPMisosumo
2008/05/10 Autumn Ck Hunter Pk Occam's Razor Male PC Master Armourer Sy
2008/5/12 Starr PP Starrburst Pk Asellus Tertius PP Rusalka
2008/5/12 Starr Destroyer PP Altima Pk Capella Pk Ade
2008/5/12 Starry Pk Starrburst Pk Asellus Secondus Female kk John Pisces
2008/5/12 Blazin' Starr PC Starrburst Pk Hadar Male PP Mark Salen
2008/5/12 Starr Shine Ck Starrburst Pk Asellus Primus Male kk Myssy
2008/05/16 Billomina kk Bullseye Pk Fortune Female Pk Che
2008/05/16 Foam Ck Bullseye Pk Fluke Male Pk Sertularian
2008/05/18 Starr Cruiser Pk Starrburst Pk Vega PP Ade
2008/05/19 Nernst Ck Falcor kk Caprica Ck ScurvyPirate
2008/05/28 Onyxia kk Bullseye Pk Hippocamp Male kk AndyLandy
2008/05/29 Belladonna Pk My Little kk Nightshade kk
2008/06/06 Flicka Ck Weatherwax Pk Firecracker Male PC Naath
2008/06/07 Beata Pk Fritz Ck H2Whoa! Pk harveststables
2008/06/14 Heather PP Apple Crumb Pk Platinum PP Harry
Date Mated Dam Colour Sire Colour Name Gender Colour Owner
2008/06/07 Autumn Ck Apple Crumb Pk Plumb Crumb Pk None Yet
2008/06/10 Shaggy Pk Wantryk Ck Summer Pk Vattu
2008/06/13 Foam Ck Altima Pk Froth Female kk Sertularian
2008/06/14 Billomina kk Binky Pk Trigger Pk JohnTClark
2008/06/21 Ragamoffyn kk Hunter Pk Painter Male Pk AndyLandy
2008/06/24 Nernst Ck Binky Pk Arthur kk ScurvyPirate
2008/06/28 Onyxia kk Weatherwax Pk Gypsy kk Sukka
2008/07/01 Mystery Pk Wantryk Ck Maxim PC jpv
2008/07/01 Throwaway Pk Ceilidh Pk Tenebrae kk gonzometro
2008/07/01 Joaquin Ck Bill kk Juno jpv
2008/07/01 Gmork CC/Ck Wantryk Ck Charlie CC/Ck ScurvyPirate
2008/07/05 Flicka Ck Grassmuncher Pk Flame Female Ck Sertularian
2008/07/12 Foam Ck Mercer PC/PP Fatty Lumpkin Male PC Sertularian
2008/07/15 Billomina kk Hypnos PC/PP Fang Pk Jennyann
2008/07/17 Beata Pk Elmer Ck Macduffle Ck harveststables
2008/07/20 Ragamoffyn kk Hunter Pk Huntamoffyn Male kk Kressida
2008/07/26 Shaggy Pk Ceilidh Pk
2008/07/30 Onyxia kk Finn Pk Skipper Male Pk Brindabella
2008/08/02 Hali PP Rockin' PC/PP Carcosa PP/PC Cthu1hu
2008/08/03 Flicka Ck Grassmuncher Pk Firefly PC Sertularian
2008/08/07 Throwaway Pk Mr. Missus Pk Plurabelle PP Gonzometro
2008/08/13 Belladonna Pk Hadar PC/PP Larkspur Male PC/PP BortJr
2008/08/14 Billomina kk Finn Pk Chip Pk Available
2008/08/14 Isis Pk Bad Horse kk Dr. Horrible Male kk Caelicoli
2008/09/15 Ragamoffyn kk Fritz Ck Fancy kk Sertularian
2008/09/17 Beata Pk Mercer PC or PPHaberdasher PC or PP Harveststables
2008/09/21 Knight Mare PC or PP Billvark kk Icelus Pk User:Kressida
2008/09/28 Flicka Ck Grassmuncher Pk Fledge Female Ck Sertularian
2008/10/06 Foam Ck Friday kk Flotsam Female kk Sertularian
2008/10/14 Ragamoffyn kk Finn Pk Arrow Pk naath
2008/10/25 Flame Ck Wonder PP Flamelet PP Sertularian
2008/10/26 Billomina kk Friday kk Oreo Female kk Caelicoli
2008/10/29 Flicka Ck Friday kk Felarof Female Ck Sertularian
2008/11/11 Onyxia kk Finn Pk Peppercorn Female kk Kressida
2008/11/14 Ragamoffyn kk Finn Pk Arion kk Anoki
2008/12/05 Isis Pk Dr. Horrible kk Maus Male kk Caelicoli
Date Mated Dam Colour Sire Colour Name Gender Colour Owner
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