Pint of Milk

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Mix with a Head of the Gorgan to make Slices of Gorgan-zola Cheese.

Mix a White Russian or Brown Cow.

Drinking pint of milk gives +10 HP (and costs only 1AP and goes over max HP)

I was at max HP and just drank a pint of milk with no effect HarryStuffy 15:45, 14 Nov 2007 (GMT)

Milk is suitable nourishment for Kittins, Kats and Big Kats.

Where to get it

Attack a cow while wielding a Bucket or Billy Can to milk it.

Milking cows will occasionally yield a Pint of Cream. The cows on Harvey's Farm can be milked every half-hour, instead of every hour. They also produce cream more frequently.

For variety, you might like to try a Pint of Sheep's Milk or a Pint of Goat's Milk

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