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This is a page about the (now ended) Cities Festival 2008.


These items are part of the Statuesque Beauties and Magnificent Erections sculpture show that is part of the Royal Festival of Martial, Performance and Marital Arts.

Plinths allow for the creation of a custom sculpture that will last until the Festival is over - although some sculptures may stay up if they receive enough popular acclaim.

This sculpture is composed of a title, descriptive text by the sculptor, and items in the sculptor's inventory. These items (and the plinth) are consumed in the creation of the sculpture, so don't use a favourite pet!

Steps in creating a sculpture

  1. Find an appropriate square of terrain. Plinths can be used on some Country Terrains (Empty Lots, Fields, Hills, Pastures, Plains, Valleys and in the Wilderness) and in the Mall.
  2. Provide a title for your Sculpture and "Set Up Sculpture" for 1AP.
  3. Add items (from a drop-down inventory list) or description text to your sculpture for 1AP each. The text and items will be added to the end of any previous additions.

The items appear in a box so that others can see how much in the way of blood, sweat and tears you put into the sculpture. The terrain changes to City terrain from whatever it was, with the title of the piece as the name of the square.

For Example
Title: Week End
A man quaffing a Mug of Ale and holding a Fag carelessly between two fingers. (Cost: A Fag, a Mug of Ale and 6 AP.)


Destroying your sculpture

If you want to have a hissy fit and tear it down, then you can "Smash Statue" for 1AP.

If you do this, you get the plinth back, but not the other items you put into the sculpture.

Where to get it

The plinth were available during the Royal Festival from 9-24 August. They no longer work.

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