Jar of Plum Jam

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Needed for the Treasure Hunt Quest and making Jammy Toast.

Feed to a baby bear during the Animal Sanctuary quest.

Eating it for 1AP gives you 25HP and 7AP (an overall net-gain of 6AP), but won't take you over MaxAP or MaxHP. The empty jar is returned to your inventory.


I like jammin with you.
Fire 2AP Piece of Wood
Unit of Charcoal
Fire 3AP 2 Units of Charcoal 5 Units of Sand
Bit of Molten Glass
Air 3AP Bit of Molten Glass Earth 2AP Basket of Plums
Empty Jar Basket of Crushed Plums
Water 3AP Empty Jar Basket of Crushed Plums
Jar of Plum Jam
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