Potion of Accuracy

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Drink it to increase accuracy. It's permanent, and your first potion will add 3% to-hit. However, you'll need two to get the next 3%, then three for the next, and so on. After 11 increases in to-hit (66 potions total), further potions will have no effect.

You've had all the benefit you can get from this potion.


Fire 4AP 2 Pieces of Wood
2 Units of Charcoal
Fire 3AP 2 Units of Charcoal 5 Units of Sand Earth 3AP Sheaf of Wheat
Bit of Molten Glass Bag of Grain Mash
Air 3AP Bit of Molten Glass Water 3AP Bag of Grain Mash Handful of Hops Earth 2AP Basket of Plums
Empty Vial 4 Mugs of Ale Basket of Crushed Plums
Water 3AP Empty Vial Mug of Ale Basket of Crushed Plums 2 Seaweed Fronds 5 Fags Flying Fish
Potion of Accuracy

Total Costs

AP (assuming the Mug of Ale is purchased rather than made)

Alignment AP AP Alone Glassless AP Glassless AP Alone
Air 3 43 0 19
Earth 2 55 2 11
Fire 7 47 0 21
Water 3 45 3 9


2 Pieces of Wood

5 Units of Sand

Sheaf of Wheat (or Mug of Ale)

Basket of Plums

5 Fags

Flying Fish

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