Quest:Air Initiation

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Prerequisite: Visit all Four Cities
Reward: -5 minutes AP delay, a Wand of Illusion and ability to do Air Crafts
Location: Temple of Air north of Windy City at 3E 8N DSSGCM
AP Cost: 50AP

Like it says on the box, this quest involves visiting all four cities. Once you've done that, go to the Temple of Air and select the initiation button (Costs 50 AP). Note: The Temple of Air is not the Shrine in the centre of Windy City. It is just north of the Windy City and can be seen from the road.

Any method of visiting probably counts, but rumour says you need to actually move at least one square within the city, not just teleport in and straight out again.

The advantage of Air Initiation is that AP regenerates every 10 minutes. You are taught the basics of the Crafts of Air. These include knife sharpening and glass blowing.

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