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Prerequisite: Thor in a Cottage, Magic Egg Hunt and North Pole
Reward: 1) Access to Bifröst, Idavoll and Valhalla (Rough Guide to Asgard) 2) Top the monster-kill league for Fenris Wolf until end of month
Location: Varies

Upgrade your Cornucopia, Thor's Doorstop and North Pole to a Horn of Heimdall, a Hammer of Thor and a Spear of Odin respectively (Note: This takes a total of 25 Pieces of Ancient Wood). Follow the directions given by the Hammer and the Spear. When you are near the correct location, both the Hammer and the Spear will lose their pull. At the centre of this area of 'neutralness', blow the Horn of Heimdall.

You are transported to a strange land.

And later:

The God Heimdall appears before you, and says:
'Well done, little human. You have vanquished the Fenris Wolf, but this is only 
one battle among many fought here.'
'You are welcome to join our battle company. When you die, you will come
to Valhalla. If you wish to return here before your glorious death in battle,
blow upon my Horn again.'


  • The neutral zone is 5 squares wide
  • If you die after after finishing this quest, you'll be transported to the shrine in Valhalla instead of the one in your home city. (This has been tested and verified)
  • You can only kill the Fenris Wolf once. You will not be able to anger it and kill it again. Therefore, the highest number of kills for Fenris Wolf that can be achieved is 1. This means that by completing this quest, you'll be top equal on the Fenris Wolf league until the end of the month. Topping a monster kill table gives you AP bonuses.
  • The Fenris Wolf appears on the Bifrost Bridge. It respawns every 5 minutes. If you don't see one on the bridge, someone has killed it very recently.

Spear/Hammer messages

From furthest away to nearest:

Message Distance Away
The (relic) pulls you strongly to the (direction) > 20 Squares
The (relic) pulls you to the (direction) 5-20 Squares
The (relic) pulls you gently to the (direction) 3-4 Squares
*Relic does nothing* < 3 Squares
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