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Prerequisite: Know First Aid, use it to Heal other players for a total of at least 600 HP
Reward: Title "MD", Gifts listed below, improved sight, improved first aid, ability to go on call
Location: Hospital in Water City at 94E 93N DSSGCM
AP Cost: 50 AP to complete (plus 600AP spent healing)
Next Quest: Water Skin

Either travel with someone like-minded and heal each other as necessary, or wander the more populous parts of Cities looking for injured strangers. Once you've healed 600HP for other people, go to the Hospital and sign up for 50AP.

The Improved Sight lets you see the roads connecting the 4 squares in the corners of the screen, exactly like the Sword of Omens.

Improved First Aid is called Healing. It heals 10 HP per use, and each use costs 5 AP

Congratulations. You are now a qualified doctor.
You may now heal people rather than just first aid. The doctors use a strange potion on 
your eyes, after the burning stops you blink and realise your eyesight has improved.
You are given some welcome gifts by the other doctors...
You gain 10 Clean Bandages.
You gain 3 Mugs of Coffee.
You gain a Pocket Watch.
You gain a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.

On Call

Once you become a doctor, you can go 'On Call' or 'Off Call' at the Hospital in Water City for 10AP. Other players can click on the Red Cross of an On-Call Doctor to get healing. The healing costs 100 Gold (which goes to the Doctor) and will not run the Doctor's AP below 25% of Max.

You are now on call.
Other players can use you to get healing, even when you're offline.
They can't use up the last 25% of your action points.
Any on-call healing has a standard charge of 100 Gold - Union rules.

This can help you toward the water skin quest target by increasing the number of points you have healed even while you are not actively playing - which could be good. Park yourself in a place near where people take damage away from any other convenient healer, and get on with some Real Life.

only dukes retain their ability to heal, changing classes will make you lose your healing abilities.
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