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This was an April Fools joke, created on or about 1st April 2009. We think it's funny, but it's not serious. Maybe a real one will come along at some future date though. We live in hope. -- The Order Of The Wyrm (not a cabal)

Prerequisite: You must be a Wizard.
Reward: Level 4 Archmagery
Location: 6E 210S DSSGCM on Bleak Island
If someone else could fill in the actual quotes from the game for the various steps, that would be helpful.

Evil Dr. Em needs a Tube of Glamorous Glue to fix a run in her stockings. If you give her one, she will find you very helpful and ask you to bring her a Prillful Necklace. Glamorous Glue is an extremely rare drop from the appropriate monster.

Make a Prillful Necklace from 15 Transparent Pearls (Spirit), 15 Cloudy Pearls (Ice), 15 Grey Pearls (Neutral), 5 Pink Pearls (Shrimp), 5 Brown Pearls (Sewage), 5 Black Pearls (Goth), 1 White Pearl (Pure), and 60 Strands of Silk.

You lose 15 Grey Pearls.
You lose 15 Transparent Pearls.
You lose 15 Cloudy Pearls.
You lose 5 Brown Pearls.
You lose 5 Pink Pearls.
You lose 5 Black Pearls.
You lose 1 White Pearl.
You lose 60 Strands of Silk.
You gain a Prillful Necklace.

Get Aligned Pearls (rarely) from Giant Clams, which you will need to align (or they'll just drop normal Pearls and Perls, not aligned pearls too).

Bring Evil Dr. Em a Prillful Necklace and she will promote you to Archmage.

Once you are an Archmage, you can see and kill Nimbuses (Nimbi?), which drop 24? to 64? Mana.

Note: This is an apparantly incomplete quest:

  • Noone has reported any L4 spells yet.
  • There is no leaderboard for Nimbi.
  • Archmages can still see, and kill, Nexuses. (Nexi?)
  • I'm pretty sure Evil Dr. Em mentioned "other feats of Sorcery" when I gave her the pearls, but I haven't seen anything to indicate what that means.
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