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Prerequisite: 10 Blue Flowers (Learning how to forage may be helpful)
Reward: Ability to create Antidote, see Poisoned people, and Cure Poison in other players
Location: Mysterious City of Gold and Lead 47E 249S DSSGCM
AP Cost: ??AP
Next Quest: Cure Poison

A very sick man on the northwest edge of the city tells you he needs ten of the Blue Flowers that grow at the foot of the mountain. Questalicious! Completing the quest allows you to make antidotes from 2 blue flowers and a mana. Note that you don't even have to sign up first - just schlep up the mountain trail with ten Blue Flowers and hand them over.

 An dying man is here. He has been poisoned by some creature.
 You brought the blue flowers? Thank the gods!
 You lose 10 Blue Flowers. 
 The man mixes the flowers and says some magic words, and then swallows the results.
 Now better, he teaches you the trick!

From IRC:

[13:10] Say, my darkling. For purposes of the Blue Flowers, can I mine for them on
any jungle? Or only the jungles at the foot of the mountain? In fact, can I mine for them on the
Wizard's Retreat?
[13:11] <darkling> Jungle in the interior of Oz.

So official word is that you can only forage for blue flowers, at least for purposes of this quest, in the interior jungles of Oz. Good to know.

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