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Prerequisite: You must at least be a Smith
Reward: Being able to make Custom Weapons with your new Sketch Book
Location: The Castle of the Blue Prince at 45E 49S DSSGCM
Cost: 54 Pieces of Leather to craft a full suit of Leather Armour

(Note: There is a new train station, Fright, at 40E 44S DSSGCM.)

Visit the Blue Prince

Castle of the Blue Prince: An worn old castle. Inside is the Blue Prince.
If you see an armourer in your travels, send him here.
My current blue leather armour has gotten a bit shabby.

And if you're an armourer:

An worn old castle. Inside is the Blue Prince. An armourer! Excellent! I'll reward you with this everlasting sketch 
book if you provide me with a full suit of leather armour. You'll need it to design weapons...
2 Leather Gloves
a Leather Gorget
2 Army Boots
a Leather Cuirass
2 Leather Vambraces
2 Leather Greaves

And as reward:

Wow! Now I look princely again! 
You gain a Sketch Book.   
You lose 2 Leather Gloves.
You lose a Leather Gorget. 
You lose 2 Army Boots. 
You lose a Leather Cuirass.
You lose 2 Leather Vambraces.
You lose 2 Leather Greaves.

Now I can make Sketches of Weapons with my new Sketch book. I can't provide any results yet, since I'm out of AP Rockefellow 01:29, 25 January 2007 (GMT)

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