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Prerequisite: Finish the Paul Quest
Reward: Reduce to-hit penalty of Iron Armour to 10%, Remove to-hit penalty of Bronze Armour
Location: Commentary Box - Cricket Grounds West of Crimson City in Oz 77E 219S DSSGCM

Head West from Crimson City towards the Cricket Grounds where you'll find the Commentary Box. There:

A small cramped box, filled with a bizarre collection of strange men wearing coloured ear-muffs. At
the front, two of them are looking out the window and having a discussion about cranes, buses and
pigeons. Occasionally, one of them (who seems to     be called Brian) says something about a bloke
with square legs, or makes what is plainly a lewd suggestion about swingers and their googlies. In 
a corner sits a man with a huge beard, writing arcana in a notebook, and muttering what must be
mystical cantrips to himself.

Similarly to Jock McStrapp and Paul, Brian also wants cake.

If you bring him a Fruit Cake (Aging) this happens:

One of the other men in the room looks at you and, with an extremely plummy voice, says "My dear
old thing! That's not a cake!"

Fruit Cake needs to age a bit before you can really enjoy it. Note that this response comes even if you have no cakes at all.

After a couple of days and unwrapping the fruit cake:

Brian thanks you, cuts the cake and hands round a piece to everyone.
The man in the corner with the big beard looks at you and mutters a few more incantations.
You feel stronger and faster.
You lose a Fruit Cake.

The to-hit penalty imposed by wearing Iron armour is cut to 10% its base value. The penalty for bronze armour is removed.

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