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From IRC

<elseware> ok
<elseware> new sub game
<elseware> taking cows to market
<elseware> there's now a number of cattle markets in the 'kingdom
<elseware> that buy cows
<elseware> time to get out the cattle prods...


  • Earth City Burgers: 96E 12N DSSGCM
  • Windy City Steaks: 14E 3N DSSGCM
  • Water City Butter: 89E 99N DSSGCM
  • Fire City Fertilizer: 1E 88N DSSGCM
  • Unnamed at 30 East, 99 North
  • Unnamed cattle market: 3E 46N DSSGCM
  • Unnamed cattle market: 5E 47N DSSGCM
  • Unnamed cattle market: 0E 51N DSSGCM
  • Unnamed cattle market: 2W 62N DSSGCM
  • Unnamed cattle market: 22E 47S DSSGCM
  • Unnamed cattle market: 61E 99N DSSGCM


As one of the first players to successfully herd a cow, there are a few things you need to know. Please add to this list if you know more. --JAD 16:21, 15 July 2007 (BST)

  1. Cows can be herded (moved to an adjacent empty square) using a cattle prod.
  2. A Cattle Prod can be made using an eel and a piece of wood.
  3. Cows do not always move when prodded because their paths are blocked by other animals -- keep a Cruel Blade handy to clear the way for them to move.
  4. If a cow moves, the prod does 0 damage.
  5. If a cow does not move, the cattle prod does damage (it has a damage base of 1).
  6. Thus far, I have successfully moved one cow two squares and killed two other cows
  7. In my experience, some cows move a lot while others never move (just die)
  8. You will need some place for the cow to move to, or it will not move.
  9. You may wish to limit the spaces the cow may move to.
  10. There are some squares the cow will not move onto (such as those around Dr. Karma, must not like pies on the lawn)
  11. Kittens can be herded as above.
  12. Make sure that you don't have any damaging pet by your feet or they might get a bit over-enthusiastic and kill your cow.

How to cash in cows

Herd as many cows as you can to the Cattle Yard. Once a cow is in a path adjoining the cattle yard, it is in a 'pen'. Go and get another until you have as many as you can find. Then, stand on the cattle yard and cash them in.


  • One Cow: 1000 gold
One Cow? Better than nothing, I guess...
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
  • Two Cows: 5000 gold
A breeding pair!
You gain 5000 Gold Pieces.
  • Three Cows: 10000 gold
Three's a crowd, but not quite a herd!
You gain 10000 Gold Pieces.
  • Four Cows: 20000 gold
A small herd, now we're talking!
You gain 20000 Gold Pieces.
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