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Currently, due to the Schism, the items needed cannot be obtained. (It still can be done if one already has them.)

Prerequisite: ???
Reward: A Saucer (use unknown) and an Empty Mug.
Location: 88E 47S DSSGCM

High-performance computing facility:

There is a bespectacled man here, fiddling around with some arcane-looking bits of computer 
hardware. He introduces himself as Denis and talks to you at great length about high-performance

He also explains how he's doing some research in the field of cluster-computing and needs 
a lot of old PCs to complete his research.

If you ever manage to track down a spare compute-cluster, I'd be eternally grateful, he says.

Once you give him a Beowulf Cluster (made of 64 IBM-Compatible PCs and a Syringe of Wolfsbane) for 1 AP:

You hand Denis the cluster, he eagerly wires it all together and powers it up.
You lose a Beowulf Cluster.
In the process of rearranging all his junk to accommodate the new addition, he picks up an
empty cup and saucer and hands them to you, and immediately returns to his work.
You gain an Empty Mug.
You gain a Saucer.

He gives you a Saucer and an Empty Mug.

A plain white china saucer, the size and design of it look like it matches all those empty
coffee mugs you acquired in the days when you could still get some AP from caffeine. You can
only guess as to why it's both 'sticky' and in the 'meta' section of your inventory.

...and his description changes to

Denis is still here, fiddling around with arcane-looking bits of computer hardware. He talks
to you excitedly for a full hour on the remarkable things he's made your cluster do.
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