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Prerequisite: Blue Flowers
Reward: "Current Effects" Bar at the bottom of the screen (e.g. "There is alcohol in your blood")
Location: Anywhere
AP Cost: Variable


Once you learn to make your own antidote, you will start noticing people with one or more green Xs under their name, as modeled here by the good Duke Dragon:


This green X means that Dragon is has been poisoned (one X indicates one level of poison). In this quest, your job is to cure the poison. Once you have completed the blue flowers quest, you will notice a drop-down menu labeled "Cure" in abilities. This menu lists all players on your square who are poisoned (and their poison level).

Curing a player relieves two levels of poison, but costs 10AP and one dose of antidote.

You lose a Dose of Antidote.
You use some antidote on Duke Scrumbucket MD.
They are cured!
You've cured a total of 3 so far.

The number of people cured also appears on your "Me" page.


The objective of this quest is simple: cure poisoned people.

There are two levels to this quest. The first is achieved by curing 26 players. The second is achieved by curing 51 players.

After curing 26 people, you will be able to see any current effects in a status bar at the very bottom of the screen. The status bar appears below everything (even the info/"next AP in..."/etc. menu), and only appears if there is some current effect in your system. (Messages can include "There's alcohol in your blood," "The blue pill is having an effect," "You are flash-blind," etc.)

After curing 51 people, the duration of each effect is listed as well. For example, "You are flash-blind (4)" means that the blindness will wear off in 4AP.

There might be a list of people wanting cure on the Talk page. Alternatively, hang out by Herman the Hermit's hut - anyone working on the Toxicology quest is likely to be poisoned.

Important Notes

  • The count is of number of poisoned players completely cured. The number of levels of poison cured does not matter--if they're all from the same player, curing 1 level is the same as curing 10.
  • The cure will not count unless you remove all of the poison from that player. This means that if someone has 3 levels of poison, you will have to cure them twice for it to count.
  • You cannot cure people who have signed in from the same IP address (including yourself).
  • One current effect not found on the status bar is being poisoned --Tiltowait 13:22, 22 April 2009 (BST)
  • The number of people cured in not unique, unlike the old Merchant Guild quest. That means curing anyone 26 & 51 non-unique times, not curing 26 & 51 unique players. You can cure the same person 26 & 51 seperate times for it to count or 26 & 51 unique players or anything in between. --Tiltowait 13:26, 22 April 2009 (BST)
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