Quest:Deliver a Piano to Northwich

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Prerequisite: You need a pet license to buy White Elephant Eggs
Reward: -2 movement rate, 10000 gold pieces, 3 Northwich Talismans
Location: Northwich Town Hall (49E 549S DSSGCM)

The residents of Northwich host their musical events here, the acoustics are remarkable
for such a small venue. (They're also well-aware of the irony in their town's name)
Welcome to Northwich Town Hall, we're just setting up for a performance, but we've been
completely unable to track down a piano. It seems that they're so hard to come by these days.
Admittedly, our requirements are pretty tough. If you ever manage to track down a proper Grand
Piano, with real ebony and ivory keys, we'll pay you handsomely for it.
If you're interested in pianos, it's always worth lifting the lid and checking the instrument's
strings, if they're too long or too short, they just don't sound so good.

Make a grand piano and then give it to the Northwich Town Hall. Easier said than done!

A Grand Piano requires:

Once you have these, you can make an Off-key Piano for 100AP.

Then you need a Tuna Fish to tune the piano for 5AP.

Once you take it to the Northwich Town Hall, they are very excited!

That Piano is beautiful, it's exactly what we're looking for! Would you be prepared to part with it? 
We can reward you for it. 

Giving the piano costs 10AP - clearly because it's very heavy.

You lose a Grand Piano.
Thank you very much, we're ever so grateful! We'd like you to take this to cover your costs.
You gain 10000 Gold Pieces.
We Northwich folk know a thing or two about moving around in the arduous terrain of our region, and
since you've been so kind to us, we'd be happy to share some of that with you. It should make travelling
in this region much more hospitable.
Please feel free to come and visit us again. We're always delighted to have visitors. Just break one of
these and you'll arrive in our town square.
You gain 3 Northwich Talismans.
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