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Prerequisite: Get a lab coat from Ruthven's Office in the Ancient Castle.
Cost: 1 AP to Register and 30 AP for each test, plus materials
Reward: Ability to Sequence Horsie, Pet Dragon, & Hamster Genomes
Location: HoGo - Part of the Northern Research complex 37E 148N DSSGCM

Registering at HoGo

The home of HoGo, the Horsie Genome Project.
Here, you can register to use the sequencing services of the project.
You will need a white lab-coat to join the fraternity.

You can register for 1 AP, even before you have a lab coat.

Once you are registered and own your own lab coat, you can bring a syringe of pet DNA here and use the HoGo's equipment to sequence it.

HoGo: The home of HoGo, the Horsie Genome Project. 
You can sequence the DNA of your pets here, if you have a syringe and a petri dish of agar jelly.

How to Prepare and Sequence a DNA sample

Extracting the Blood

You can extract blood from your Pwny, Horsie, Dragon, or Hamster with a Syringe. ('Stabbim!' for 1 AP)

Syringe: You can take blood from your pets.

You stab the poor creature.
You lose a Syringe.
You gain a Syringe of blood (Foam's blood).

(Foam is the name of my Horsie.)

Attempting to take blood from a dead Horsie doesn't work.

No point... It's dead. You heartless beast!

Preparing the DNA

After extracting the blood, you must prepare the specimen by precipitating the DNA. ('Prepare' for 5 AP)

Is this true only when you do the test somewhere other than HoGo? --Tiltowait 14:20, 7 October 2008 (BST)
I think it mught be I just sequenced unprepared blood at the HoGo... ford_prefect 16:42, 8 December 2008 (GMT)
You set up your chemistry set and do some magic with the blood.
You lose a Bottle of Rum.
You lose a Bottle of Whisky.
You lose 2 Mugs of Ale.
You lose a Bottle of Vodka.
You get a syringe full of DNA.

Note that you need these specific alcohols in your inventory - it doesn't just grab booze at random. This is because the DNA strings are made up of Rum Whiskey Vodka Beer.

Don't forget, you'll need a petri dish of agar jelly. You can make them quite easily. You just need Jelly Fish. :-/

Sequencing the DNA

Once the DNA sample is properly prepared, you can use the equipment at HoGo to sequence the Horsie's genes. ('Get Sequence' for 30 AP)

You don't actually have to wear your lab coat during the sequencing - having it in your inventory is enough.

You lose a Syringe of DNA (Billomina's blood).
You lose an Agar Dish.
Your horsie has been sequenced. We didn't get it all, but this is what we could work out:

Sequencing is an imperfect art, and it may take more than one attempt to get any horsie's full DNA string. For example, Belladonna's first result was ??R?WR?WWWRV BVRB?WVRRWRV and her second was BVRWWRVWWWRV BVRBBWVRRWR?.

Sequenced DNA

For sequenced pwnies and horsies, see here.

For sequenced dragons, see here.

For sequenced hamsters, see here.

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