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Prerequisite: An Oyster or a Tube Ticket
Cost: 10 AP per Information Point, 50 AP to reboot the system, lots of travel time
Reward: Ability to tell when the next train is coming at Information Points.
Location: The Underground Office.

There's a broken Information Point at each Tube Station. Once they're working, they'll tell you when the next train is coming on each track serviced by that station. This makes the fact that they're broken quite irritating.

Information Point: This Information Point is broken.  You should complain about it!

You can complain about the state of the broken Information Points at the Underground Office. To reach the Underground Office, take the Jubal Line West from Tor Station (near the Festival) for about two minutes, or another station farther back and a longer time. Note that the Underground Office platform is only one square wide and therefore only accessible from the center car on your train. When you complain:

Underground Office: The Underground Train System Offices. A harrased looking clark is behind a 
desk. Ah, you're here to complain, aren't you? Tell you what, why not help out. If you could 
repair all the station information systems we could reboot the system.

You have the option to take on this project for 1 AP.

When you do:

Good man, come back when you're done. But if you leave the underground you'll have to start over!
You gain a Toolbox.

You must visit each Information Point and repair it without teleporting in any way or leaving the Tube system. You can see which Information Points still need repairing by wielding the Toolbox. Repairing costs 10AP:

This Information Point is in need of repair.


This Information Point has been repaired, but is still not functional.

To make them functional, the entire system needs to be rebooted. When all the Information Points are repaired, return to the Office and reboot the system (for 50 AP):

You reboot the information systems for the underground. That should make train travel easier...
You lose a Toolbox.

Should you violate the rules about leaving the underground during the quest:

You have a bad feeling about the information points you repaired earlier...

Note this includes using the Hop spells.

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