Quest:Jack and the Beanstalk

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Prerequisite: Magic Beans.
Reward: Spirit Sword.
Location: In the sky. Diamonds optional.

Plant a magic bean. If you're lucky, you get a magic beanstalk. Climb this to visit Cloud Land and kill the Giant (15000HP).

  • Duke Macksting MD used a wand of the weaker alignment, a glass sword, and two blasts from a Golden Gun. While the glass sword was a loss, the Spirit Sword might just make up for it, and that glass sword took out 2/3rds of the giant in one fell swoop. Same doc is also wondering what happens when the Giant hits you, 'cause that giant kinda missed. A lot.
  • Pvt. Duke Ulf MD used the Head of the Gorgan, which killed him in a single blow.
  • The Giant is immune to the Midas Wand.

After turning him to weakest alignment he hit for, IIRC, 15HP, which would mean he normally punches at... err... 30? 60?

He hit me at 20HP after aligning. And he didn't miss once. -- LittleHamster 07:08, 25 March 2006 (GMT)

The Giant might not be there, it takes a little while to respawn, so just wait inside the castle and check back every now and then.

Watch out for broken glass when walking around in the castle.

You can't summon a person from up there, so if you need help get it before you go.

You can talisman out and save AP Dendrast 03:12, 22 February 2006 (GMT)

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