Quest:Jock McStrapp

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Prerequisite: Not be wearing armour during your visit
Reward: Reduce to-hit penalty of leather Armour
Location: 74E 76N DSSGCM
An extremely hairy man is sat here outside a tent, brewing something in a pot. 
It's bright orange, and looks extremely unpleasant. His accent is almost impenetrable, but you think he says 'Got any cake?'.

Bring him a Dundee Cake. (Note: make sure it is whole and unsliced!) When you do:

Jock probably says 'Just right. Thank you.'
He offers you some of his orange brew. You feel stronger and faster.

The to-hit penalty imposed by wearing leather Armour is cut to one-tenth its base value. The penalty for non-leather armour (including Gauntlets) is not affected.

Listed in your Skills as "You have trained with leather armour."

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