Quest:Longbrow's Cave

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Prerequisite: None (?)
Reward: Eyebrow-Fu
Location: A cave in the Zu Mountains in Sniffleheim
AP Cost: 100AP

High up in the Zu Mountains of Sniffleheim is Longbrow's Cave. The description of the terrain is a bit mysterious:

Longbrows is here battle a demon that has wrapped itself in virgin skulls.

Longbrows is a master of Eyebrow-Fu. You can train with him for 100 AP:

You gain an Eyebrow-Fu.

Afterwards you can Eyebrow Longbrow. If you do you get this message:

You Eyebrow-five him. How cool is that?

Wielding your Eyebrow-Fu makes most creatures hostile. Wielding the Eyebrow-Fu also gives you the ability to to do eyebrow-emotes at people. You can Wiggle your eyebrows or you can Raise them. Both cost 1 AP each. Your target gets a message that this occurred.

Sgt. Duke Kilgore MD wiggles their eyebrow at you!
Sgt. Duke Kilgore MD raises their eyebrow at you!
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