Quest:Magic Egg Hunt

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Prerequisite: None
Reward: Cornucopia
Location: Royal Northern Research Centre 38E 149N DSSGCM

When you sign up (10AP), you are given Kirk's map and are challenged to find eight magic eggs frozen into the glacier.

The map tells you the locations of the eggs. At each location you can search (5AP) to find the egg there.

Clue about the magic eggs:

Kirk smiles as you hand him the Magic Eggs.
You lose 8 Magic Eggs.
He thanks you, and wanders off happily with the eggs in his hands, muttering to himself about self-tying fishing nets,
or something similar.
You wait for a bit, but he doesn't seem to be coming back. Eventually, you decide to take his horn for all your effort.
You step quietly out of the building.
You gain a Cornucopia.

Important Notes: In order to save yourself quite a bit of AP, consider the following:

  • Bring a regular Compass with you and make a note of where it points as you collect each egg. Getting back up here is costly. You might even manage to find the North Pole *while* you are out on the egg hunt.
  • Plan out your route ahead of time. Pick a route that gives you the shortest overall distance. Don't forget that you have to get back to the start!
  • If you have a Blank Talisman, have completed the Talisman Maker quest, and one or more Gold Blings, consider enchanting a talisman for returning to the centre; it's not unreasonable to end up more than 50AP away from there for your last egg.
  • For advice about surviving in The Frozen North, see... The Frozen North.
  • Later, you may want to upgrade your Cornucopia to a Horn of Heimdall. Or not.
Once upgraded, you cannot return and do the quest again, apparently. When I returned to the location after Valhalla, I see
A large, square, white building. You look, but none of the doors are open.
Oh well. --Brandy 5:30 September 4 2013
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