Quest:Martial Arts Training at the Dojo

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Prerequisite: Master Ralph only teaches the "Nobles"
Reward: Martial Arts skills - Brunch Punch and Painful Punch
Location: The Dojo in the Thieves' Forest (22W 30N DSSGCM).

The teacher requires some weapons before you can begin training. The weapons will be different for each player. Each time you ask him to train it costs 1AP and another 1AP to give him the weapon.

  • Training level 1 : Bring 10 weapons to Master Ralph and you are taught the Brunch Punch skill for 50AP.
  • Training level 2 : Bring 20 weapons to Master Ralph and you are taught the Painful Punch skill for 100AP.

See Martial Arts for a more detailed explanation of the skills, and how it compares with other Martial Arts skills available.


Only 2 levels of training available at Dojo. To continue training, you must then go to Ninja Island.

- 3rd level training is reportedly now available.

Comparison of martial arts

Painful punch 20 damage x 0.7 to hit 14 average damage
Brunch punch (at brunch) 15 damage x 0.9 to hit 13.5 average damage
Brunch punch (other) 5 damage x 0.9 to hit 4.5 average damage
Poke of 'death' 5 damage x 0.6 to hit x 3 turns 9 average damage

Weapon List

Below is a list of Weapons that he has asked for. It seems he can ask for anything, so the list is probably redundant.

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