Quest:North-East Tunnels

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Prerequisite: None
Reward: ???
Location: Access via Caves in the central region (59E 69N and 72E 65N best access)

See Sewers for general info about the Sewers.

Activate the North-east altar with a water talisman. If this is the third altar you've put a talisman in you get the following message:

You lose a Water Talisman.
You place the Water Talisman into the altar, and stabbing pains flow through your body. You black out for a few minutes, then get back to your feet.

Get a North-East Tunnel Map by opening a valve. (Hint: Eliminate the pressure built up around the valve to open it). You will be transported to the Pumping Station, which is above ground, near Water City after you've crawled into the valve to get the map.

There is also the Royal Engineer quest in the vicinity.

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