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Prerequisite: Own a Pinhole Camera.
Reward: Flash Gun and 2000 GP
Location: Harvey Gallery 4W 33N DSSGCM
Cost: 2000 GP for a Roll of Film and 140 AP for taking the pictures and returning the film



A really tall guy comes out from the back of this gallery, which has been luridly decorated
in red velvet and black leather, and introduces himself as Sy. "I'm looking for photographs
of celebrities for my collection." he says. "I'll give you a one-of-a-kind piece of
photographic equipment if you get them!"
I most certainly do NOT have a collection of celebrity photographs! Armourer Sy :)
Well if you already had it this quest would be pointless, wouldn't it? Kaos Dragon 16:01, 20 April 2007 (BST)
True enough. I do like leather, but velvet?? Armourer Sy
  • Next door (at Harvey's Photographics), you can buy film for your camera (2000 per roll, 5000 for 3 rolls). You need only one roll to complete the quest.
  • Placing film in the camera costs 5AP.
  • Taking a picture of a "celebrity" costs 10AP.
  • Return the Film costs 15AP
Sy takes your camera and heads to the darkroom. A few minutes later he reappears with an empty
camera and your reward.
You lose a Pinhole Camera.
You gain an Empty Pinhole Camera.
You gain a Flash Gun.
You gain 2000 Gold Pieces.
Now using Fists.

Curiously, you may not repeat this quest, but both Pinhole Cameras and Flash Guns are tradable, and you may work on two sets of celebrity pictures simultaneously if you have two cameras. (Not tested: hiding the Flash Gun in a vault. Harvey may search your bags before deigning to give you a "one-of-a-kind" Flash Gun.)


'King Elseware

In the Royal Palace at 13E 14N DSSGCM

You sneak your camera into the throne room and get a shot of the 'King doing his 'thing.
Note that finding the 'King when he's out and about does not count. - Gabor Kiss

Blue Prince

At the Beach at 45E 49S DSSGCM

You take a photo of the Prince. Better not show that picture to your mother.

Dr. Karma

At the Fire City Graveyard at 0E 90N DSSGCM

You chill out for a bit, remembering to take a picture before you leave.

Goodyear Pimp

Oz at 43E 230S DSSGCM

The Pimp shows off his bling for your lens.

Herman The Hermit

In the 'Kingdom at 15E 60N DSSGCM

You get a picture of Herman looking sharp with his golden sickle.

Jock McStrapp

In the 'Kingdom Interior at 74E 76N DSSGCM

Jock flips his kilt up to give you a better shot. Once you're conscious again you take a decent


At the Northern Research Centre at 38E 149N DSSGCM

You get a picture of Kirk and his magic eggs.

So how are you supposed to find him after you've collected the eggs? When I went there I was told "Royal Northern Research Centre: A large, square, white building. You look, but none of the doors are open." --BlaisedeC 21:29, 31 May 2007 (BST)

Having now figured it out by accident, you can photograph Kirk and Thor even though you don't "see" them (that is, they're not described as being present). --BlaisedeC 21:54, 31 May 2007 (BST)


The Cursed Island 92E 74S DSSGCM

You somehow manage to make Pandora smile for long enough to get a picture.

Paul Hogan

Oz at 85E 274S DSSGCM

You get a cool action shot of Paul putting his head in a 'roo's mouth.

Stinky Pete

In the Dungeon below Harvey Farm at 1W 36N DSSGCM

You just about get his beard in shot.


In his Cottage in The Frozen North at 92E 116N DSSGCM

You stand well back to get all of Thor in the frame. Hopefully you can do something about the red


At the Fire City Graveyard at 2E 90N DSSGCM

You interrupt Tim's singing to take a quick snap.
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