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Prerequisite: Finish the Jock_McStrapp Quest
Reward: Reduce to-hit penalty of Bronze Armour, Removal of to-hit penalty of Leather Armour
Location: Paul's Bivouac - just a bit north of Los Laputas in Oz 85E 274S DSSGCM

Travel north from Los Laputas toward Crimson City and very soon (275S) there will be a bush trail leading west. After several squares you'll see Paul doing something or another.

Similarly to Jock McStrapp, he too wants cake. Not Dundee cake.

Paul says, 'It's not bad, mate, but it's not quite right.'
You lose a Dundee Cake.

Bring him a Crocodile Dundee Cake. (Note: make sure it is whole and unsliced!) When you do:

Paul says, 'Bonzer, cobber.'
He offers you a few of his grubs, and tells you to eat them. They taste awful, but you feel
stronger and faster. You lose a Crocodile Dundee Cake.

The to-hit penalty imposed by wearing bronze armour and Gauntlets is cut to one-tenth its base value. The penalty for leather armour is removed completely.

Shows "You have trained with bronze armour." under Skills

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