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Prerequisite: Obtain a Goldfish, 10,000 gold.
Reward: A Pet License, allowing you to purchase more powerful pets.
Location: Pet Registration Office (2W 33N DSSGCM).
The 'Kingdom pet registration office. To buy pets you must first get a license. To do so you need 
to register with a goldfish at least 8 weeks old (that's not evil). Registration also costs 
10000 Gold. We only accept goldfish in hand - please pick it up if you haven't already.

Note: You cannot rename the pet you got your license with.

Goldfish can be obtained from a present or purchased from Mendoza's in The Mysterious City of Gold and Lead. After 8 weeks of proper care, you can display your fish to the registration office for 25 AP to receive your license.

A pet license is necessary to purchase from, and even to peruse, the following stores:

Go West (Pets and Pet Supplies) (1W 33N DSSGCM)
Curious Beasts (39E 287S DSSGCM)
Farm Supplies in Kansas to the southwest of the farm.
Paradox Pets in the Neutral Zone to the Southeast of the station.

The pet license is a sticky item.

Much more information is available on the Pets Page.

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