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Prerequisite: Possibly none, but other Martial Arts skills will be extremely useful as well as the ability to identify snakes.
Reward: Martial Arts skill - Poison Hand
Location: Park Bench at the Windy City (8E 5N DSSGCM).

Quest Summary

At the Park Bench, somebody has been absent-minded:

There's a book here that someone must have left behind.

You can Take it for 1 AP, whereupon it turns out to be an Oriental Book.

Oriental Book: Handwritten in an exotic looking language. 

It costs a base 24 AP to read the book, but this is reduced as normal by wearing reading glasses and/or being at the Memorial Library. Reading the book isn't very helpful, though:

Unfortunately it's written in foreign. All you can make sense of are the
illustrations, which mostly depict little bald wrinkly smiling figures in robes.

Now, if you visit a Monastry (sic), you will see the following extra text beneath the standard description:

These monks are dressed in similar robes to the drawings in that book you
found. Perhaps one of them can understand the writing? 

You will be able to Show Book to the monks for 10 AP. They'll take a look at it, but usually won't be able to read it either:

The monks pass it around, but none of them can read it. Better keep looking.

If you've asked at a Monastry before, the text appended to the description changes to:

None of the monks here can make sense of the writing in your book.

As the game said, you need to keep looking. Eventually, you'll find the right Monastry; exactly which one this is varies from player to player. There is a list of monastry locations on the talk page. Note that Temples in Oz do not count. When you do find the right Monastry, it turns out that the only person who can read the book is its author. My handwriting is like that too, sometimes.

Be prepared to spend metric butt tons of AP looking for the blasted monsatry -- I've spent nearly 2k AP and am only 1/3 of the way through the list. - Heyus2 10:20, 21 April 2010 (BST)
An elderly monk steps forward. "I am Count Dante, master of Dimac, the world's deadliest martial art.
I warn you that I am capable of instantly killing or mutilating any assailant, should I so wish. I am
the author of the training manual you have there."

He'll offer to teach you:

Count Dante is here. "Do you desire that your hands and feet were deadly weapons, and that you could
kill, maim, disfigure, tear, rend, and cripple your foes with the mere pressure of a fingertip? I can
teach you." 

You can then choose to Learn for 10 AP, but not very successfully:

The wizened monk goes through some exercises with you for a while.
After a few attempts at the Fire Fox Crouch, he shakes his head.
"First you must defeat a Fire Fox in hand to hand combat. Then I can teach you more."

You have to find the indicated monster and defeat it with Martial attacks. Be careful here; any other form of attack on the monster causes the fight not to count. That includes weapons, pets, or even using a wand to align the monster. You must use Martial attacks only (but wearing Reactive Armour is OK, you can say "It" to Knights Who Say Ni, and alignment spells work fine). The success or failure of the fight will be indicated when you slay the monster:


You feel deadly.


You feel cowardly.

Presumably, dying to the monster also counts as failure. So don't do that.

Wand of anger also counts as failure. I don't have a bling to anger my sparrow. - Heyus2 12:56, 21 April 2010 (BST)
Ghastly Bling did the trick - Heyus2 13:04, 21 April 2010 (BST)
Impending Kicks (which are sorted under "Martial") work. Hooray for magic! --Naimoigiant 17:52, 25 April 2010 (BST)
Feeding the monster, e.g. attacking a Chicken with a Sheaf of Wheat, counts as failure. -- Sertularian 18:02, 25 April 2010 (BST)
If your pet kills the monster it also counts as failure. Sit tight, my dear Minrilax! (: Agzu 12:44, 5 May 2010 (BST)
Even if your pet misses the monster, it counts as failure. (It was a 0-damage hamster, no less!) -Scrumbucket 07:41, 11 May 2010 (BST)

Once you have defeated the indicated monster, return to Count Dante at the Monastry and he'll ask if you're ready to continue your training:

Count Dante is here. "Are you prepared to continue your tuition in the
ancient and mysterious art of Dimac?"

You can again Learn for 10 AP. The option does still appear when you haven't defeated the appropriate monster in solely hand-to-hand combat first, but you won't get far:

Dante sighs. "Return only when you have defeated a Fire Fox with your bare hands."

When you do defeat the monster in hand-to-hand combat and return for more training, Count Dante sends you out to fight another one. After 5 monsters the message changes.

Count Dante is here. "Your progress is impressive, but you have much more to learn. Shall we continue?"

After 15 it changes again.

I have it as 16. "Less than 15 remaining?" -- Sertularian 00:51, 26 April 2010 (BST)
Count Dante is here. "You are an excellent student. You are well on the way to becoming
a master. Are you ready to learn more?"

And after 25 it changes again.

Mine changed after 26, when I had "less than 5 remaining." -- Sertularian 22:43, 27 April 2010 (BST)
Count Dante is here. "Your skills are nearly complete. Care to finish your training?"

You have to fight a total of 30 monsters this way. Once you are done, you will learn the secrets of the Poison Hand.

You spar against Dante. This time you match his blows with equal ferocity, until
at last he halts and bows to you.
"Your training is complete. Truly you have mastered the art of the Poison Hand."
You gain a Poison Hand.

Visiting the monastry after you finish reads:

Count Dante bows to you as a fellow practitioner of Dimac.

If you try reading the book after you meet Dante you get this.

It still doesn't make sense, except the drawings of people in robes.

And after you finish the quest.

You refresh your memory.

Possible Fights and Moves

  • Fire Fox Crouch
  • Pinata in a Tree Jab
  • Ice Camel Nerve Pinch
  • Badger Punch
  • Roc Nerve Pinch
  • Fire Dragon Crouch
  • Really Large Asteroid Punch
  • Small Scissor Beast Kick
  • Esquilax Kick
  • Mud Man Stance
  • Vampire Stance
  • Wolf Nerve Pinch
  • perky n0rx Punch
  • Small Fire Dragon Punch
  • Lion Hold
  • Sylph Stance
  • Kerubim Jab
  • Lost Spirit Strike
  • Small Earth Dragon Strike
  • Toad Jab
  • Living Tar Strike
  • King Cobra Kick
  • Scissor Beast Punch
  • Glacier Fox Punch
  • Ice Dragon Hold
  • Mimic Stance
  • Triffid Punch
  • Bear Stance
  • Small Air Dragon Punch
  • Squirrel Crouch
  • Ghost Stance
  • Bloody Big Bat Kick
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