Quest:Quantum Mechanic

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Prerequisite: Know how to make an Astrolabe, other?
Reward: Knowledge of how to construct Reactive Armour; 2 Monofilament Knitting Needles
Location: A cave in the Lost World 6E 136N DSSGCM

Raquel's Cave: A heavily-defended cave. There is a woman here, dressed in Hacksaur leather boots, and a
lab coat with fish-fur trim.
She  introduces herself as Raquel, and says that she's a quantum mechanic. She offers to teach you how
to make reactive armour from entangled  wool, in exchange for some more fish-fur to make some warmer
underwear, and a bucket of planckton.

Learning costs 20 AP.

You will also need to know how to read an astrolabe. --BortJr 18:22, 15 February 2008 (GMT)

You lose 10 Fish-Fur Pelts.
You lose a Bucket of Planckton.
You gain a Bucket.
Raquel teaches you the basics of working with entangled fleece at the quantum level, and how to use 
monofilament knitting needles to work with it.
You gain 2 Monofilament Knitting Needles.

Fish-fur pelts are made from Sabre-Toothed Tiger Sharks and Trilobites that you get from fishing in murky lakes.

You get Bucket of Planckton from fishing in a murky lake. (you will lose a bucket, so you will probably need one in your inventory)

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