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Prerequisite: Own a Fur Coat
Reward: a Bridge Plans (Note: it's plural in-game)
Location: North-East Tunnels

The Engineer and its Hideaway is located in the south east region of the Sewers, south of the Valve (and not in its immediate vicinity). (See the Sewers Layout for the location of the Valve. At the time of writing, the map is not complete, and is incorrect in places). There are four passages leading to the Hideaway, one for each alignment. You can only walk on the passage corresponding to your own alignment.

When you reach the Engineer, you can trade (1AP) a Fur Coat for a Bridge Plans.

Bridge costs 25AP and requires 25 pieces of wood.


This 7x7 map should be useful if you are trying to locate the hideaway using the North-East Tunnel Map. Look out for terrain squares that match the colours of the four passages.

Dirty Passage Dirty Passage Dirty Passage Dirty Passage Hot Passage
Dirty Passage Hot Passage
Hideaway Hideaway Hideaway Hot Passage
Windy Passage Windy Passage Hideaway Engineer Hideaway Hot Passage Hot Passage
Windy Passage Hideaway Hideaway Hideaway
Windy Passage Damp Passage
Windy Passage Damp Passage Damp Passage Damp Passage Damp Passage

Note: The aligned passages don't end in the directions shown above - they make another turn in the same direction, so you enter the Hot Passage Eastward from the NW, the Damp Passage Southward from the NE, etc.

The Royal Engineer is here. He is taking a well earned break after
building the water city sewage works. He seems quite happy. He says
that he could make you a junior bridge-builder. If you make it worth
his while. A fur coat to give to his wife when he goes home would be
nice...Actually - that tribble-fur coat would be perfect!
You lose a Fur Coat.
You gain a Bridge Plans.
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