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Prerequisite: Access to Harvey Farm (See Animal Sanctuary) or failure to take care of your Baby Animal (See Same)
Reward: Access to the South-West Tunnels
Location: Harvey Farm, entrance at Harvey Hall 1W 36N

Note: Entering the dungeon via R1'yeh is pointless. Smelly XXXX will refuse to talk to you. You can't even take a picture of him for the paparazzi quest.

Dig (10AP) inside Harvey Farm and if are lucky, you will go down into the dungeons underneath and find Pete. Using a Spade will increase your chances. (Digging in Harvey Farm is not like mining yet).

Pete isn't always Smelley, nor is he always Pete. He appears with different names and adjectives to different players.

Pete asks you to find his ma and pa and let them know he's in the dungeons. After you've found his parents, go back to see him and he will show you how to get into the South-West Tunnels from the dungeon.

Hint: Pete's ma and pa like their drinks. (This is from Pete himself, so it's not a spoiler).

You must find his Ma and Pa and speak to them for 1 AP. They are randomly assigned a tavern to hang out in. You must speak with both in order to complete the quest. --Ade 02:06, 25 October 2007 (BST)

You don't necessarily have to have access to Harvey Farm - the game was down when I had to feed my baby lion, so I ended up in the dungeon and met Petesmudgepuss 12:30, 15 August 2006 (BST)

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