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Prerequisite: Creature Survey
Reward: Transport through the stone network, -1 minute AP delay, +5 Max AP per Stone (120 total)
Location: Temple of Air north of Windy City at 3E 8N DSSGCM
AP Cost: 150AP for a day-long seminar about the stones

There are 24 Standing Stones dotted about the map. Each requires a certain item at a certain hour in order to worship at it. Each user has a horoscope, and the required items and times depend on his or her horoscope.

Upon registering for the seminar:

You undergo a tedious all day course on the mystical history of the Standing Stones, how to read  
your horoscope, and the equally mysterious but even more dull connection between the two. You can  
find the stones in the wild region beyond the mountain range. There are twenty-four in total.

Each stone you worship at gives you +5 max. AP.

Each user's horoscope is based on their name, so the time of worship and required item will vary from user to user. There is no correlation between alignments and horoscopes.

With only some of the stones, transport through the network is 20AP. With all of them completed, transport to another one is 1AP. Also, with all 24 stones completed, your AP regeneration time drops by 1 minute.


  • Since each stone is 30AP to worship at, that's 720AP simply to do all the worshipping. You also need to spend 150AP to sign up for the quest. With the AP recovery rate down from 9 minutes (160/day) to 8 minutes (180/day), it'll take 43.5 days to recover the AP you lost worshipping at the stones. It will probably take you far longer to recover the sleep you lost playing the game at 4 o'clock in the morning.
Yes, but you're playing that whole time, completing a quest. So you haven't actually lost that time, eh? You're playing cities.
+120 max AP & -1 min regen are well worth it I think. What is a month or two compared to the life long benefits this quest offers? Besides, its a quest, if it were easy what would be the point?
The max AP and APregen are good. The 1AP stone-gating ability is also good, and not to be underestimated. --Dragon 06:51, 21 March 2007 (GMT)
  • The LoTR-themed cocktails are available at the Hobbit in Windy City.
  • If you finish this and the Quest for Time and Space, you can get 8 min AP regeneration rate. One or the other gives 9 min AP regeneration.
  • If you need help worshipping those stones at odd hours, have a look at these scripts.
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