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Prerequisite: Read all the books in the Robert Heinlein Collection
Reward: Ability to enchant Blank Talismans
Location: 81E 83N DSSGCM)

If you read all the books in The Robert Heinlein Collection, the Talisman Maker will instruct you in the art of enchanting Blank Talismans when you chat with him (10 AP).

You chat to the old man about sci-fi books.
You chat for ages. He is impressed about your knowledge of books,
and eventually gets onto other topics, such as how to make talismans!

Blank Talismans may be enchanted for 100AP; when an enchanted talisman is broken, it transports the holder to the location at which the talisman was enchanted.

He appears to continue being interested in chatting after he has got onto the subject of talismans, though at this point you have already learnt the skill. You don't have to repeatedly chat.

The 'King has set up the Immemorial Library (at 8E 6N) and a Park Bench outside the Library to encourage us to read the fine Heinlein collection. You can read the Heinlein Books for half the AP inside the Library, and the Park Bench is a trading post. Reading Glasses further reduce the cost of reading when worn.

For more information see:

Buying and Selling

The Talisman Maker will sell you:

  • 1 Blank Talisman for 2000 gold
  • 10 Blank Talismans for 20000 gold

And will buy paperback Heinlein books for 3000 gold each.

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