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Prerequisite: Being Slightly Bonkers

Reward: To Be Decided

Location: Wherever you are!

We all wonder what your Cities characters really look like in-game, and now here's your chance to show us! Take a photo of yourself (or a rendition ;) -- along with other people if you like -- as you look in Cities, along with Cities game items, monsters, locations, etc, and post it below. Every month we'll judge the best one and give out a one-off prize. Wear water wings, show off your wizard hat, re-enact the malaria outbreak, or give a real-life demo of the pokey stick. Let your imaginations go wild :)


  • If you're retro and don't have a camera - draw a really nice picture :)
  • Rewards will not significantly skew the gameplay, but will be cool things.
  • If more than one player is in the picture, the reward will go to all participants.

Alone in the dark

They said the sewer were only inhabited by rats...
...They Lied!

Deva rocks!




Second entry.

"My entry needs you to follow the link!"


I made the photomanip of Rhapsodie when she was only a toon I had in a popular MMORPG (you guess what), but then I created her here and now this is my mental image of her. :) Follow the link for stock credits:

waiting at a standing stone, rusty sword in hand

"Looks like Godzilla wearing an octopus hat"

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