Quest:The Goodyear Pimp

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Prerequisite: none
Reward: ability to make some types of Bling
Location: 43E 230S DSSGCM

In a clearing in the middle of the thick Oz jungle sits the Goodyear Pimp. He be chill, yo.

Goodyear Pimp: Hey man, we really needin' some magic-good here. We's is needin' it 
to makes our blings, right? Look, givus that magic-good you got there and we'll get 
pimp-master general 'ere to show you 'ow to make yer own blings.

Give him a Magic-Good (for 10 AP), and his homies will show you how to make Bling. You will also be able to get Mana back out of bling without the help of an Eldritch Machine.

The Pimp is currently not requiring the 10AP for teaching. Is this a bug or feature? Azuaron 07:18, 24 August 2007 (BST)

You can teleport to the Goodyear Pimp at the Duck-billed Guild.

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