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Prerequisite: None
Reward: -1 minute AP delay; +50 maximum AP; Intrinsic ability to know current location and time of day (the "GPS Intrinsic")
Location: See below
AP Cost: 10AP per shrine

Visit the four shrines specified by the Guide to Time and Space and worship (10AP) at the correct time of day. Remember Cities operates on the 24 hour format and local time is British Local Time, so be sure to account for your time zone.

Stone Circle at the Festival at dawn (04:00-04:59 AM) at 83E 65N DSSGCM

Gives you the ability to know the latitude and the hour of the day, and a Dawn Horn.
You will only be able to use this ability during the daylit hours (as it is a solar ability.)--Jade Oracle 21:27, 29 April 2006 (BST)

Shrine of the Light at noon (12:00-12:59 PM) at 44E 18N DSSGCM

Gives you a Light Sabre.

Nightfall Shrine at nightfall (20:00-20:59 PM) at 15E 27N DSSGCM

Gives you a Dusk Tusk.

Night Shrine at midnight (00:00-00:59 AM) at 19E 22N DSSGCM

Gives you a Night Stick.

To clear up some confusion/misinformation:

  • The times are all British Local Time, not GMT. The difference is important when Daylight Saving Time is active.
    • If you're at all uncertain, you can pick up a Pocket Watch at one of the markets to determine the exact difference between your local time and game time.
  • You do not need to be holding the Guide to Time and Space book. In fact, you don't even need to buy it. The only reason the book exists is to reveal the coordinates of the shrines -- which are listed right on this page.
  • You can worship at the shrines in any order, at any speed -- you can knock them out all in one day, or you can do them whenever you're conveniently close.
  • The Nightfall and Night Shrines are only ~9 moves away from each other and there is only a 3 hour, 1 minute difference in the worship times. You might easily get them both done in the same day.
  • When you worship at the final shrine, you get the ability to know the longitude and the minute part of the current time (in addition to the latitude and hour knowledge you get from the Stone Circle).

Semi-Spoilery Stuff:

Nightfall Shrine:
The shrine is on a sandy plain. It is built of sun-bleached wood and bones, tied together. Candles flicker in the dying light, dripping wax and casting small quick shadows which contrast with the long shadows cast by the last glimmer of the sun.
Night falls / I fall / And where were you? / Where were you? Warm skin / Wolf grin / And where were you? -- 'blue' by Angie Hart You feel your fear dying with the light. The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift... You gain a Glowing Dusk Tusk.
Night Shrine:
The shrine is sunk into a rock, and covered with night blooming jungle flowers that smell amazing. The shadows from candles give it a spooky, yet tranquil, air.
All hail the American night! What was that? I don't know Sounds like guns ...thunder. -- Jim Morrison You feel like a Night Person!
Stone Circle:
Strange men with beards and wild exhausted eyes praise the dawn, girls in beads dance on the stones. There is a smell of things other than tobacco in the air.
The sun god, the fun god: Ra! Ra! Ra! You feel in tune with the sun! Someone runs up and hugs you, hands you something, then wanders off again... You gain a Glowing Dawn Horn.
Day Shrine:
The shrine is on the top of a small hill. It is made of white marble. The sun makes it look like it's glowing. Daisies and buttercups surround the structure and a soft smell of incense comes from within.
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! You feel the noon-day sun soak into your blood! The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift... You gain a Light Sabre.
As you worship at the final Time Shrine you feel in tune with time and space.

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