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Prerequisite: You must be a Mage.
Reward: Door #1: Ability to cast spells without reagents and 100 mana. Door #2: Ability to store spells in an Eye Pod and 100 mana.
Location: Moo Moo Island 11E 79S DSSGCM
AP Costs: 100AP: 50 to enter, and 50 to leave
"The Ancients of moo-moo will teach old wizards new tricks, but they have set up the Trail of Trials
which you'll have to get through first. They got the idea from the Fire City Gauntlet but the trials
are described as "Bastard-hard".
A crazy old man cackles and leads you to the quest. He laughs as he throws you in...

There are 20 trials in total. All of them can be solved with Apprentice level spells (although many can be passed with other equipment) except I don't think there is a "see invisible spell" so you will need a diamond bling (although perhaps that's what illuminate does). The terrain is much like the south east tunnels, so you'll want winged boots and a light source.

Moo Moo Island does not have a beach and as such it is impossible to gain direct access by boat. You will need an item that allows flight such as the above mentioned winged boots, an airship, pair of Daedalus Wings or a skip/hop spell with the appropriate reagents for the last leg of the journey.

The Ability to cast without reagents allows you to "Force" a spell. You only get this button if you don't have the proper co-casting item, but you can hide it in a bag to be able to force your spell, or use the URL below. The cost of casting takes 5x the AP and 2x mana (warning: the mana increase is not shown when you cast the spell). You can force a spell from a spellbook, but the 5x AP stacks with the AP increase for casting from a spellbook. So a 4 mana spell like killing blow costs 12 AP cast normally from a book and 60 AP forced from a book. To the extent you use this, you probably want to force from scrolls and cast from spellbooks. Incen, a goodly citiezen, has unearthed the URL for this command.


Once again, this command, if used as a web address, allows one to cast the spell without consuming reagents, an important ability if the reagents involved are more valuable than the extra AP and mana consumed in the process. If, for example, you did not wish to lose your tarot cards, nor did you wish to spend the 100 total AP to decompile and recompile your tarot deck, you might cast Rend Fabric of Space by finding the item name (SpellPortal) and inputing the URL which follows:

See the Eye Pod page for more information on storing spells.

Note: One can do the quest twice to receive both rewards.

The spoiler of the trials is here: Quest:Trail of Trials spoiler

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